Best Fuel Injection Cleaner

Best Fuel Injection Cleaner

All modern cars and vehicles in general use fuel injectors. Basically, these are small components which turn fuel into mist and provide a precise amount of it to the engine. This is extremely important part of a proper engine function. If there are some issues, the engine won’t run properly, the fuel consumption will be increased and idle throttle will be compromised. Due to the fact fuel is mixed with countless chemicals, including ethanol for octane boosting, a buildup of carbon, gunk, varnish and etc. appears. When that happens, you either have to replace fuel injectors, which is expensive or to use the Best Fuel Injection Cleaner. Obviously, the second alternative here is a much better option. You can buy fuel system cleaners from any retail or online store.

1 pounds
2 x 2 x 7.8 inch
4.7 Star Rating
15.2 ounces
7 x 5 x 5 inch
4.1 Star Rating
1 pounds
3.2 x 2 x 7.2 inch
4.1 Star Rating
12 ounces
3 x 3 x 9 inches
4.6 Star Rating

Benefits and uses of fuel injector cleaners

A top fuel injector cleaner truly offers countless advantages. First of all, it works in a simple way. It will react with the carbon deposits, gunk and varnish and break those deposits onto small bits. After that, they will be sucked into the engine and vaporized (there are no damages to the piston or piston rings due to the size of the broken deposits). What this does is restore the factory condition of the fuel injectors, making them run more efficiently and therefore make a car engine run better. But, there are a few benefits here.

  • Engine will get a perfect amount of fuel at any given moment

When in perfect condition, fuel injectors will deliver only the amount of fuel engine needs. When they are clogged or compromised, this isn’t the case, so the engine will either get too much or too little of fuel, making it less efficient In addition, fuel injectors are controlled by a computer, so the fuel amount is measured and controlled all the time. Ensuring that the engine gets a perfect amount of fuel means that it will run better and be more responsive.

  • Lower emissions

If fuel injectors fail, they will affect the mixture of fuel and oxygen. All of this means that a car engine will produce more emissions, which has a negative impact on the environment. A fuel injection cleaner kit simply eliminates all of that.

  • Reduced fuel consumption

The Best Fuel Injection Cleaner will ensure that the engine gets only the amount of fuel it actually needs. Obviously, this means that the fuel consumption will be restored to the factory level. Let’s just add that when fuel injectors are compromised, they cannot turn fuel into mist, meaning that they will ‘’feed’’ the engine with fuel drops, making fuel consumption significantly higher.

  • More power

Yes, more fuel means more power, but only if it is perfectly synchronized with the oxygen. The poor condition of fuel injectors reduces the horsepower of a car. The best fuel injection cleaner will ensure that this is possible, meaning that the engine will Gain some horsepower back. This is especially important for older cars, which has a reduced horsepower. Depending on a model, you can get up to 40% of original horsepower back, by using a fuel injector cleaner only.

  • Cleans the entire fuel system

Some drivers prefer to replace fuel injectors when they are compromised. Yes, some improvement is visible, but it is still recommended to use fuel injector cleaners afterward. Why? Simply because they will clean the entire fuel system, not only injectors. In a nutshell, this restores, even more, power of a car and reduced fuel consumption.

  • Ideal for motorcycles as well

A fuel injector cleaner in motorcycle has similar bit in some cases even more pronounced effect. Motorcycles have high RPM, meaning that they use more fuel and more oxygen at any given moment. Of course, this means that the risk of varnish, gunk, and carbon is higher, so using this alternative is more than just recommended.

Important: All, even the best fuel injector cleaner must be used several times before it completely removes deposits from the fuel system. These products are powerful enough to remove carbon and varnish, but still safe enough not to cause damages to the hoses and other fuel-system components.

Who needs fuel injector cleaner?

In the lack of a better word, all drivers need them, unless your car is less than 2 years old. Cars which are 10-20 years old MUST use the cleaners in question, simply because their fuel systems are filled with deposits. Unless you have replaced the entire fuel system on your old car (which is almost impossible due to lack of spare parts) you will have to use a fuel injector cleaner.

Drivers of trucks, motorcycles and commercial vehicles should use these products as well. In addition, those vehicles which are used daily, definitely should be paired with a fuel injector cleaners.

Factors to consider when looking for the Best Fuel Injection Cleaner

There are a lot of products out there which offer almost all advantages we have mentioned. But, not all of them are ideal. Furthermore, some of them are great for a specific type of a vehicle, or a driver (according to his requirements). That’s why it is important to know something about the factors which make a true difference when it comes to choosing the best fuel injection cleaner. A combination of the following factors will allow you to get the best, or better said a perfect product of this kind which is just ideal for your vehicle and for your requirements. So, let’s take a closer look at the main factors which need to be taken into consideration.

  • For diesel, petrol engines or both

This is the main factor to consider. In essence, both types work in the same way, but they clean different parts and they are designed for different types of deposits. New products are made for both types of fuel, but there are still differences and products which can be used with one type of fuel only. There are diesel fuel injector cleaners in the market. Make sure you pay a lot of attention to this factor!

  • How long the effect will last

The Best Fuel Injection Cleaner will not only remove deposits immediately, but it will also protect the fuel system from new ones. Now, some products offer 3000-mile protection, while others offer up to 2 years. This matter cannot be generalized. Of course, the longer, the better.

  • Gallons per a bottle

It stands for a minimum amount of fuel in a fuel tank which must be enhanced with a fuel injector cleaner. Some products require 48 gallons at least, while others require less. Almost all products of this kind require at least half a gas tank in order to be used. Never use them on an empty fuel tank!

  • Size of a bottle

Obviously, a fuel injection cleaning kit may be small, medium or massive in size. The best ones usually come in large bottles, allowing for the users to use them several times. Each time you use it, you will remove deposits in the fuel system and protect it from new deposits. This is a cost-effective factor as well.

  • Molecular technology

In the lack of a better word, this is all-new technology which has some advantages. It is safer than older technologies and it is perfect for more delicate fuel systems. For example, sports cars have sensitive systems, so a molecular technology is more than just welcomed here. Keep in mind that there are no a lot of fuel injector cleaners of this kind. Some use enzymes, others use different types of chemicals.

  • Overall safety

How safe is a fuel injector cleaner? Some of them can be used all the time, so they are generally safer. Others must be used with pauses, so they are more powerful. It is important to know that these products won’t damage hoses, fuel pipes or injectors. A fuel system has plenty of rubber components and seals, so a safe fuel injector cleaner is a must. Pay attention to best fuel injector cleaner reviews of other users in order to determine this factor.

  • Every day or seasonal use or both

Some fuel injector cleaners are developed for frequent usages, while others are made to be used only at the end of a season. They are more common for motorcycles, due to the fact they will be stored through the winter. Products for seasonal use are more focused on prevention of deposits than on removal of old ones.

Top 5 fuel injector cleaners

1.    Chevron 67740-CASE Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

This is the Best Fuel Injection Cleaner period. Reasons are simple. First of all, it cleans the entire fuel system, including injectors, carburetors (on vehicles which have them), combustion chambers and intake valves. In one word your car will get a complete fuel system cleaning. Then we have the results. You will get more power, better acceleration, better idle throttle and better fuel economy. We must add the fact it also restores the condition of a fuel gauge sensor. In addition, we know that this fuel injector cleaner also eliminates deposits which will occur on the spark plugs.

This isn’t the full list of benefits. Furthermore, this product improves the fuel economy for the entire year, it assists to the engine with cold starts and makes engine run smoother. It should be used once per 3000 miles for cars and trucks. All other vehicles should use it according to a need. One, an interesting addition is the fact it is available in 6 pack of 12 and 20 ounces. This is more than just enough for drivers who drive their cars daily.


  • Cleans the entire fuel system
  • Restores power
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Repairs faulty fuel gauge sensor
  • Makes engine run smoother


  • A bit expensive
  • Poor quality of bottles

2.    Hot Shot’s Secret P040432Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

Number two on the list of best diesel fuel injection cleaner. Obviously, it has been developed and used only by drivers who drive diesel cars and trucks. You should use it once per an oil change. So, you may wonder why we think so high about this product. First of all, it cleans the entire system, which isn’t unusual, but it also removes water from the system, which is a huge issue for all diesel engines. This made it ideal for drivers who live in areas where diesel fuel may get in touch with water at some point.

The next best thing is the fact it creates a layer of protective coating on the fuel tank and the entire fuel system. This coating prevents additional damages, deposit forming and also maintains the condition of the fuel system in perfect harmony. When it comes to deposit removal, it is superb. All types of deposits will be removed within a matter of days, making the engine work better and be more economical. Additionally, you will want to know that it boosts cetane and lubricates fuel pump and injectors.


  • Ideal for diesel engines
  • Boosts cetane
  • Lubricated fuel pump and injectors
  • Creates a protective layer on the fuel components
  • Clean the entire fuel system


  • For diesel engines only
  • Instructions must be carefully followed

3.    STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner

The next fuel injector cleaner we have here is truly interesting. We liked the fact this product is more than just affordable. As a matter of fact, it is already known as the most affordable fuel injector cleaner out there. However, none of the features and benefits have been left out. It is still effective, safe to use and offers all the benefits you may need. Of course, all the deposits will be completely removed from the system.

In a nutshell, you will get more power, lower fuel consumption and a smoother engine running. But, at the same time, you can expect a better throttle response. This product is great for old and new cars and it can be used frequently. We must add that it is suitable for cap-less engines, which do require different fuel injector cleaners.



  • Value for money
  • For cap-less engines
  • Smoother engine running
  • More power


  • Requires longer period of time to work
  • Cannot solve severe fuel system clogging issues

4.    Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

Red Line fuel injector cleaner will reduce the need for octane for 2%. It will clean the entire fuel system for 100% and it will reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, you will want to know that it is one of the most affordable products of this kind. However, it comes with a 12 pack option, which is a bit expensive. Of course, you are free to use this product frequently.

One, the interesting advantage is synthetic lubrication formula present in the fuel injector cleaner. It simply lubricates the cylinders, pistons and piston rings, reducing the wear and prolonging their lifespan. Perhaps it sounds like a simple feature, but it truly has an important, overall effect on the engine reliability. Important: This fuel injector cleaner can be used for all types of petrol-powered vehicles. You can use it for neglected vehicles as well.



  • 100% effective
  • Reduces need for octane by 2%
  • Ideal for neglected vehicles
  • For all engine types (petrol powered)


  • 12-pack is expensive
  • Some issues with old fuel systems

5.    Fuel Injector Cleaner Complete System Cleaning Fluid Additive

It may be the Best Fuel Injection Cleaner for your car. Here we can see an important advantage. This product is great for cleaning carburetors and older fuel systems. One bottle treats 21 gallons and it should be repeated two times. Keep in mind that you will have to use a bottle on a full tank, burn all the fuel and then repeat the process. Do not add a new bottle until the whole tank is emptied!

What we liked especially is the GDI fuel injector support. It may be difficult to find a fuel injector cleaner which supports these units, but this one does, so it is special, in the lack of a better word. The next, important advantage is associated with the fuel pump. It will protect it and clean it from the deposits. This advantage applies to vehicles which have a fuel pump in a fuel tank and on cars which have it in the engine bay. At the end, we must add that the formula is strong and effective against gunk, varnish, carbon and any other deposit which may affect the car’s engine. Addition: This product offers chemical known as Economy Boosting Stabilizer 104+ which reduces the fuel consumption.


  • Effective with GDI fuel injectors
  • Economy Boosting Stabilizer 104+
  • 100% deposit elimination
  • Suitable for carburetors as well


  • Must be used two times at least
  • Medium overall performance


Which is the Best Fuel Injection Cleaner for your car? First, choose between diesel or petrol fuel system cleaner. Most fuel injector cleaners work well for cars. We have reviewed only specialized products, due to the fact they are the most effective. Then, choose a product which looks the best for you. All 5 fuel injector cleaners here are safe to use, they won’t cause any damages to the fuel system and they are at least 90% effective. And yes, each one can be used for different types of engines, available in different vehicles and machines.