Are you working hard without any positive result – This is for you

Most of us work really hard without any tangible result to show for it. I have a friend who worked very hard on his blogging business without any positive result for over 3 years.

He was churning out over 5 well written articles every day; unfortunately he knew nothing about SEO then and how to promote his contents. After 3 years, he went for blogging training and within few weeks, he started seeing positive results. Today, his blog is his main source of income.

There are a lot of people who continue to work really hard day and night with nothing to show for it. A simple change to their strategy may help them a great deal.

Are you working hard without any positive result

Reasons you are not getting positive results

There are several reasons why your hard work is not showing any result. I will discuss some of the reasons below:

Lack of skills

Some people think they are very skillful in what they do but when you assess their work, you can easily see that they lack the skills needed to be successful in their field.

Some years ago, I met a freelance writer who though he had great writing skills. He complained to me that he was getting new writing jobs and that his customers never returned for repeat jobs.

This young man just believed he was a good writer. I gave him an article to write and I was shocked with his level of writing skills. I told him point blank that the main reason why he was not getting jobs was because of his poor writing skill.

He went for training on writing and his career received a great boost after some months.

If you lack the skills required of your job, your hard work may not yield any tangible result. Horn your skills now.

Not working smart

Another reason why your hard work is not showing any result may be because you are not working smart. Working smart means efficiency.

Imagine a marketer who keeps walking around town to market his products and one who sits in his home and uses market automation and leads generation tools to market his products to thousands and millions of people with just few clicks on his computer. Who is more efficient? Of course, it is the one who uses market automation tools.

At every point in time, you should look at ways you can do less and earn big. Find ways you can spend less and yet earn big. This called efficiency.

Not evaluating your work

Evaluating your work periodically can make you know where you are missing the point. Do not work all day, all week and all month without keeping track of what you do.

When you periodically review your work, you are likely to see some issues you need to solve. This will make you get tangible results for your hard work.

Thinking that you know all

Do not deceive yourself, nobody knows all. A master of everything knows nothing, he is just deceiving himself.

Concentrate on your strength and outsource things you know you do not have skills in. For example, if you are a blogger and you know how to write well, you can outsource other roles like content marketing and search engine optimization.

The secret of billionaires is that they know how to source for talents to do the things they do not have the skills and strength to do.

Outsourcing gives you room to expand your business rapidly.

Trying to get everything done yourself

Even if you have all the skills in the world, if you try to get everything done yourself, you will not make any headway. Your hard work will amount to nothing.

Get people to take off the excess capacity you have and you will likely see more positive results from your hard work.

Blind Passion

Yes, everybody says that you should follow your passion. I beg to disagree. Some passions are best left unfollowed.

I have seen a lot of bloggers who write on unprofitable niches. When I ask them why they write on the niches, they often tell me that they are following their passions.

Following your passion blindly will only lead you to a blind spot without any success. Research well about what you want to do and make sure you can be successful in it.

A little tweak may turn your failures to success. Implement the strategies I have discussed and you are likely to see a positive turn in your life, business or career.

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