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After we’ve reviewed the best fuel injection cleaner it is now time to take care of the outside of your car. The visual side. A car wax spray is something that can make your car look like brand new. These products are used to restore shine and factory condition of a paint job. Of course, in order to get that, you will need the best car wax spray. But, before you simply order one product and hope it is the best, there are some facts you should know. First one is that all waxes of this kind are used for polishing the first layer of the pain. Of course, not all work on the same principle. That’s why you need our factors to consider section.

Factors to consider

The best car wax spray will be easy to use, will be sufficient for the entire vehicle and will make impressive end result. It won’t damage the paint but it will remove all impurities and anything that can make the paint job look old and dull. All you have to do is to pay attention to all factors we will mention below.

Important: Regardless of the type and product, a car will have to be waxed once each 6 weeks in order to get the best results.

  • Types of car waxes. Car waxes come in several types. The first one is liquid wax. It is the easiest to use and it offers a decent result each time you use it. We also liked the gloss factor here and the fact they last a long period of time.

    Rubbing waxes are ideal for restoring or better said repairing certain areas of your car. They are very abrasive by the way.

    Spray waxes are the best for beginners and for those who don’t have a huge knowledge regarding the matter. They are very easy to use, but they are the least abrasive type.

    Paste offers the longest protection time. Each one is more than just great for drivers who want to fully protect the paint job on their car.
  • Age of your car. The best wax spray for car which is more than 7 years old is definitely a liquid type. It must provide cleaning and polishing properties in order to meet your expectations. Keep in mind that if you have a very old car, not a single wax will restore paint to factory condition. Paint oxidation is the main concern here, but it is also the hardest to solve.
  • Abrasion level. A car wax spray can offer a different abrasion level. Those with low levels are recommended for cars and vehicles with darker colors, due to the fact each imperfection will be visible. High-abrasion waxes are better for vehicles with brighter colors. Top tip: It is always a better choice to choose a low-level abrasion car wax unless you are completely confident in your choice.
  • How many plastic components on a car there are. All car waxes are great to use on metal and actual paint, but not all of them are ideal for uses on plastic components. Some of them will cause deep scratches or damage the paint on the plastic. Make sure to read the manual of a car wax in order to make sure it is safe to use on plastic components.

5 car waxes we recommend

Best for

Any Purpose

with Polymer
Latest technology and proper research


Mirror shine finish

Easy to use

Money back guarantee

Should be used 2 times per a year


A bit pricey

Difficult to get due to its popularity

This has to be the best car wax spray ever made. It is an all-new product of this kind which is based on proper research and the latest technology. As such, there are a few advantages. First one is the fact you will have to use it only 2 times per a year, while other products must be used 2 times in 4 months! The formula is extremely easy to use and it guarantees a mirror-shine result. Furthermore, you get all you are going to need in a kit, so you can start waxing your car immediately.

This is also the best rated spray car wax due to just mentioned reasons. It has a high user satisfaction rate and is perfectly safe to use all paint types. It won’t damage the paint nor cause any other issue.

Best for

Protecting the Paint

Restores the factory shine within hours


Just washed finish

Provides a protective coating

For all cars of all colors

Fast-acting wax


Should be used regularly

Value for money

This is a simple and probably the most interesting product in general. It protects the paint and it will restore the factory shine within a matter of hours. As such, it is known as a fast car wax spray which is suitable for newer cars. Vehicles with darker colors can be treated with this wax spray as well.

We liked the facts it provides a look which is identical to just washed car and it adds a protective layer to the paint. In order to get all of these benefits, you should use it more frequently.

Best for

Removes scratches & swirls

Rubbing Compound
Great Even for Professional Use


Professional car wax spray

Restores gloss

Removes scratches

Can be used with polishers or by hand

Silicone-free formula


Slow result

Too gentle for some applications

The car wax spray review here is definitely positive. In a nutshell, this is a professional car wax spray. As such, it can be used with an orbital and rotary polisher. Furthermore, it can be used with foam pads, microfiber ones and etc. All of this means that even professionals should consider this product.

What’s more, the car wax will remove tiny scratches and swirls which are present on the paint job. Gloss will be restored after just one usage and the paint will be perfectly protected from possible damages and issues. In addition, the formula doesn’t involve silicone particles, so it is extremely gentle.

Best for

Gentle with Paint

Restores the factory look of the paint



Comes with a microfiber towel

Restores shine

Perfect for thin paints


Doesn’t offer consistent effect

Doesn’t remove scratches

The kit we have here may be the best car wax spray for most of you. First and foremost, it is extremely gentle to the paint, so it won’t damage it, even when the paint is thin. Then we have the fact this product comes with a microfiber towel which makes the entire process easier.

The car wax here won’t remove scratches or tiny damages, but it will restore the factory look of the paint. It is ideal for beginners and for those who are looking for a way to restore the paint on newer vehicles.

Best for

For New Cars

Restores the clarity



Silicone free

Restores clarity

Lack of chemicals


Lack of polishing pads or a towel

Complicated to use

The Griot’s Garage 11171 Best of Show Wax is different in the lack of a better word. The formula is silicone free and it is based on carnauba. Furthermore, it is based on water, so there are no chemicals which may damage the paint. All of this suggests that car waxing will be more than just successful.

The product is recommended for new cars, due to its water-based formula and gentle characteristics. It restores the clarity and provides a perfect end result every single time you use it.


The best car wax spray is here and as a matter of fact, it is one of 5 models from the list. Each one is ideal in its own way and each one offers impressive results on old and new cars, although newer vehicles will get a few advantages more. Also, all of them are easy to use and won’t damage the paint job, which is extremely important.

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