Best Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner in 2018

Most new trucks and cars that run on diesel now use fuel injection system. You can shop around and buy the best diesel fuel injector cleaner for your diesel powered equipment.

Fuel injection system is more efficient than the carburetor system; hence the wholesale adoption of fuel injector system in mist new trucks and diesel powered equipment.

Benefits and use of diesel fuel injector cleanears

Getting the best diesel fuel injector cleaner can be very advantageous to your truck or any other diesel engine. A top of the class fuel injector cleaner can break down carbon, gunk, varnish and other deposits in the fuel injector and lines and pass them out during the combustion process. Without a good fuel injector cleaner, the deposits in the fuel system may damage the piston and piston rings; this can cause more serious problems for your truck or diesel engine.

Choosing the best diesel fuel system cleaner can restore the power of your diesel engine and make it run much more effectively.

  • Optimal fuel supply to the engine. Normally, if your truck or diesel engine is in a good condition, your fuel injector can supply the right and optimum level of fuel to the engine as no deposit is blocking the fuel system. When the engine gets too much or too little fuel, problems may arise. The engine starts running ineffectively and problems may arise. A top diesel fuel system cleaner can forestall these problems by removing deposits from the fuel system.
  • Lower emissions. Carbon deposits and other impurities in the fuel injector system can impact the optimal mixture of fuel and oxygen, the result is more harmful emissions. A best in class diesel fuel injector cleaner can significantly reduce the emission rate of your diesel engine.
  • Reduced fuel consumption. As fuel injector cleaner removes the deposits in the fuel system, fuel consumption level in your diesel engine may return to its optimal state. Fuel economy will be increased as your cost on purchases of fuel will reduce. Carbon, gunk and other deposits in the fuel injector makes your diesel engine guzzle more fuel. When the fuel lines are cleared and cleaned, lesser fuel will be injected to the engine.
  • Increased power. I have heard car owners saying that they recovered up to 40% of the horsepower of their engine back by applying best diesel fuel injector cleaner in their truck. Blockage of the fuel injector system reduces the power and acceleration of your car due to the less than optimal mixture of fuel and oxygen in the fuel system. If your truck or cars are old, you must consider using a good fuel injector cleaner to clear deposits from the injector system. You may be surprised that you may recover lost power and acceleration of your car.
  • Fuel System Cleaning. Do I need to explain this? All fuel injector cleaners are designed to clean the injector system of carbon deposit, varnish, gum and other impurities. Once the fuel injection system is cleaned, you may notice that your truck or car starts running more efficiently.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion. Some diesel fuel injector cleaning additives can coat the fuel lines, tank and injector with a material that will prevent rush and corrosion.
  • Removal of water. Top diesel injector cleaner can remove water from the fuel system of your diesel engine. Removal of water can make your engine run better.

Who needs diesel fuel injector cleaner?

All equipments with diesel engines need diesel fuel injector cleaners. Vehicles and trucks that run on diesel will find the usage of diesel fuel injector cleaner very beneficial.

Generators and other heavy duty equipments that run on diesel can use diesel injector cleaners to clean their fuel injectors. If your diesel engines are old or you have used them for a while, you may need to clear the fuel system of deposits. What can you use for this purpose? A top diesel fuel injector cleaner will do.

Factors to consider when looking for the best diesel fuel injection cleaner

You may be confused as to how to choose the best diesel fuel injector cleaner for your car or your diesel powered equipment. The number of brands of diesel injector treatment additive in the market is much and it may be a daunting challenge for you to pick the best.

There are several factors you should consider before going for any diesel fuel cleaning additive. If you really know what to look out for when shopping for top diesel fuel treatment additive, you will not be faced with the stress on choosing the best of class fuel treatment product.

You may consider the below factors before committing your funds on any diesel injector cleaner. Now, let’s discuss the factors.

  • For diesel, petrol engines or both. As we are considering fuel injector cleanser for diesel engines, you may need to check if the fuel injector cleaner you want to buy is good for diesel engines alone or gasoline engines or both. From my experience, injector cleaners that work only on diesel fuel injectors seem to work better than those that work for both gasoline and diesel. However, it should be noted that some fuel system cleaners that work for both gasoline and diesel engines are equally very good.
  • Duration of effect of the fuel injection cleaner. If any diesel fuel injector cleaner is termed the best diesel injector cleaner in the market, then it must not only be known for removing deposits from the fuel system lone. Its effects must also last long. Some fuel injector cleaners will protect your fuel lines for a short time while some others will protect your fuel system for more than 2 years. It is better to pick a product that will protect your fuel injector system for a long time.
  • Gallons per bottle. You may wish to also note the quantity of fuel injector cleaner to be added to your gas tank. Some diesel fuel injector cleaners may require 60 gallons while others may require significantly less. You should read the label of any diesel fuel injector cleaner you wish to buy to know the quantity required to be added to your equipment.
  • Size of a bottle. Considering the size of the bottle of any fuel injector cleaner you wish to buy is very important. Buying smaller bottles may not be that cost efficient as you may need several more bottles to get the work done. You should note that though some bottles may look small but they may be more effective than fuel injector cleaning additives with bigger bottles.
  • Molecular technology. Some newer models of cars and trucks use molecular technology. This technology is better than the older technology as fragile fuel systems can be better maintained. Some of the diesel injector cleaners in the market can work on trucks and cars with molecular technology while others may not be appropriate. There are few injector cleaners that can work with molecular technology.
  • Safety of the Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner. As good as fuel injector cleaners are to fuel systems. The over-usage of some types of diesel fuel injector may damage your equipment’s fuel injection system. Some fuel injector cleaners can be used severally with no adverse effect to your car’s fuel system while some must be used intermittently and as advised by the manufacturer. In any case, you are advised to read the label of any diesel fuel injector cleaner you buy before using it on your car or truck.

How to Use

Some fuel system cleaners can be used at a certain period of the year. Some products are also used for a specific type of truck or equipment. I have seen fuel injector cleaners that work best only during winter. Some fuel system cleaners are also designed for frequent usage while others for a one at a time use.

Best for

Entire Cleaning

This is the Best Fuel Injection Cleaner period


This product can stabilize fuel and improve cetane

It can clean the whole fuel system including the injectors

It can help in draining water from the fuel system

Fuel pump and injectors can be well lubricated with this product

This product has the capacity of preventing rust and corrosion in the fuel tank and lines

This product may boost fuel economy

Prevention of carbon build up in the fuel injector


The bottle of this product is not too attractive

A bit expensive

This is a diesel fuel additive which has a concentrated cetane improver. This diesel fuel additive can be used to stabilize fuel.

It will make your diesel engine and fuel injector clean. This fuel additive has the capacity of significantly improving the power and performance of diesel powered cars and machines and boosting fuel efficiency.

A 64 fl. Oz of this product can treat 150 gallons of fuel.

This product aside being able to clean fuel injector system, it can also reduce carbon build up in the fuel system.

Best for

diesel treatment

Diesel treatment


This fuel additive can clean the fuel injector system, thereby boosting acceleration, power and torque

Improves fuel economy

Cetane booster

It can work for almost all diesel engines

The product can help to reduce smoke and other harmful emission

The removal of carbon, deposits and gum from the fuel system can help to protect and prolong the life of the fuel injector

Prolongs the life of the fuel injector system

This product can stabilize fuel

It can be used during winter time

Rust and corrosion prevention

The product can remove water from the fuel lines

It has no alcohol

It can be used for ultra low sulfur diesel fuel


This product cannot be shipped by air except through land; this is due to government regulation that prevents the shipping of hazardous chemicals by air

It can work better only on diesel engines

This is one of the best fuel injector cleaners in the market. This product can be used as fuel additive for all diesel engines.

It is approved by several OEMs including Navistar, Ford, Deere and GM.

It has passed several independent performance tests. The product passed Cummins L10’s test for cleanliness.

This product aside being used for diesel treatment, it can also serve as a fuel injection cleaner. Some have noted that Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive is the best diesel fuel injection cleaner.

Best for

improve engine power

Improve engine power


This product can stabilize fuel

It can prevent the buildup of carbon and other deposits in the fuel lines

It can increase the power and torque of your diesel engine

Prevention of rust and corrosion in the fuel injector and the fuel lines

Reduces fumes and other harmful emission

Boosts fuel economy


A little bit expensive

Works better in diesel engines

It is a fuel additive that can be used to improve engine power, stabilize fuel and reduce carbon and other deposit formation in the fuel system.

This diesel treatment can also reduce rust, corrosion, microbial growth and water in the fuel system. With this fuel treatment, your fuel system can be cleaned of carbon and deposits.

It is one of the best diesel fuel injection cleaner you can get.

Best for

For loud Engines

2,560 Gallons
Makes engine quiter


Lubricates diesel engine fuel system, this will reduce rust and corrosion in the system

Cleans the fuel injector system, when your engine fuel injector system is cleaned, the power, acceleration and torque of the engine will be increased. Lost horse power due to dirty fuel system can be regained

Reduces fuel consumption

Smoke, fumes and other harmful materials coming out of the exhaust system of your diesel engine can be reduced by using Opti-Lube Summer+ Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

Maintains the fuel system


Works best in diesel engines

Poor design of bottle

It is one the best diesel fuel injector cleaning additive. Like all other diesel fuel injector cleaners, this product boosts diesel engine efficiency, clears fuel injectors of carbon and deposits, boosts cetane and increases fuel efficiency.

It also lubricate the fuel supply system, this lubrication reduces the risk of rust and corrosion in the vital parts of the fuel system.

The injector cleaning effect of this product helps in reducing engine emissions. The engine may also run with lesser noise.

Best for

clears hard deposits

PN 24532
Clears Hard Deposits


Removes hard deposits from the whole fuel injector system

Lubricates the fuel injector and the fuel lines, lubrication can reduce the risk of corrosion in the fuel lines

Reduces the risk of engine damage which may be caused by deposit in the fuel injector

Treats fuel

Improves fuel economy

Value for money


It is a relatively new product in the market

It can only be shipped across the US by land

This diesel fuel system cleaner is one of the top diesel fuel injector cleaner around. This product can clear hard deposits from the whole fuel supply system. The fuel injector can be completely cleaned of tough deposits.

As diesel fuel is known for depositing a lot of carbon in the fuel injector system, you need a good injector cleanser to prevent deposit formation in the injector system. Once these deposits are formed in the fuel injector, the product can be very handy in eradicating the deposit.

This product can remove deposit from inside the fuel injector. Most injector cleaners just remove deposit formed at the tip of the injector cleaner not inside the fuel injector.

Now that you know about the best diesel fuel injection cleaner, you can comfortably shop around for diesel fuel additives you can use to treat your fuel and maintain your fuel injector.

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