Best Fog Lights

Fog lights are more than just needed for all cars. A good thing is the fact most cars already have them, but investing in aftermarket models is beneficial. They are used to provide additional road illumination and to ensure safety especially when it snows or there is fog. The best fog lights are brighter, more durable and available in different sizes and shapes. As such, these lights are very popular nowadays. But, before you just get one, it is a wise decision to know something first.

Main factors to consider

Best LED fog lights will have to meet all the factors we will mention below. Only in that case scenario, you will end up with units which will provide the additional safety you actually need. Of course, all fog lights are mounted at the lower end of a vehicle, so they can be easily damaged. That’s why it is important to get a high-quality unit, which can withstand a variety of possible issues. Anyway, here are the factors you will have to consider.

  • Design. Yes, the design is an important factor here. It can make a true difference. Most models are round or square, but there are a bit special versions out there. The main goal is to choose fog lights which fit your car perfectly. Cars with sharp lines require square models, while those with round shapes are suitable for round fog lights.
  • Color. Best fog lights for cars come in a variety of colors. As such, this factor should be taken into consideration. Yellow or traditional lights are still the best. They are gentler, won’t cause driver distraction and they offer perfect illumination. Bright white lights are more desirable due to the visual appearance. Blue ones are more appealing to sports cars. In essence, the yellow color is the best, but other two are appealing if you want something special.
  • Mounting process. How easy is it to install fog lights? This factor is determined by the brackets, design, shape and the overall characteristics of the product. Luckily, most of them require less than 10 minutes to be installed.
  • Bulb type. There are H1, H2 and H3 bulbs implemented into for light. A higher number stands for a higher number of lumens, so it is preferable. Older vehicles may not support H3 bulbs.

Best 5 models

1. Astra Depot 2x 55W H3 Projector Glass Lens Driving Fog Lamp Light Halogen Bulb + Bracket Kit

Best for

Perfect Light

Astra Depot

2x 55W H3Powerful Perfect Light


Uses H3 bulbs

Color temperature

Easy to mount

Glass lenses


Lack of switch

Brackets should be stronger

Do you still want the best fog lights? If you do, then this model is more than just appealing. The first thing to know about them is the fact they are made out of metal, while the lens is made from actual glass. Then we have the mounting brackets and nuts which are included in the package. All of this means that the installation is simpler than usual. In addition, the color temperature is between 3.000K and 4.000K.

Other things you may want to know is that there are two of them in the package, obviously and that they use H3 bulbs, which is an advantage. With 2400 lumens, the light you will see is more than just sufficient. Overall, they look great, the quality is outstanding and the light is perfect.

2. Auxbeam LED Light Bar 4″ 18W LED Pods 1800LM Flood Beam Off Road Lights

Best for



​4″ 18W LED Pods 1800LMPowerful Perfect Light


000 hours lifespan

1800 lm

Dustproof and can withstand vibrations

Aluminum brackets


Aren’t ideal for modern, city cars

Exposed wires (must be solved)

The best fog light bulbs are implemented into this unit. Overall, the fog lights we have here are tough and suitable for off-roading. Jeep drivers like them especially and the strength is impressive. In addition, the model is resistant to dust shocks and vibrations. You will be able to use them in any situation you have on your mind and they will withstand it without a single damage. And yes, the working hours are 50.000, so it is another advantage.

Color temperature is 6.000K, while the lumen capability is 1800 lm. The beam angle is 60 degrees and the operating temperature is between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius. They come with mounting brackets and with all essentials you are going to need to install them. Due to design and size, the model here is optimized for SUVs, large trucks, and large cars, but it looks perfect on older vehicles.

3. OPT7 CREE xMount LED Pod Pair with Wiring Harness

Best for



CREE xMountLifespan and Durability


6 LEDs per a module

Steel brackets

IP67 rated

000 hours of bulb lifespan


OPT7 harness is available as an option only

Not as bright as some, equivalent models

This is another high-quality type of fog lights designed for drivers who want the most. The lifespan of the bulbs is 50.000 hours, the OPT7 harness is available and highly desirable and the brackets are a masterpiece. They are made out of steel, while the housing is made from aluminum. All of this makes the lights strong and durable. At this point we should add the IP67 rated, meaning that they can withstand 30 minutes in 1-meter water without any damages.

Now we must add the fact they can withstand temperatures between -40 and +60 degrees Celsius. In a nutshell, this is a durable and tough product designed and made for drivers who need the durability in question. 6 LEDs are sophisticated and provide bright light at all times.

4. Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 36w 6.5Inch Flood Led Off Road Lights Super Bright Driving Fog

Best for

Any Angle


2PCS 36w 6.5InchIllumination angle is 45 degrees


IP67 standard

45 degrees

12 LEDs in each module

Easy to mount and adjust


000 hours lifespan

Flimsy mounting brackets

Here is one of the fog lights which truly stands out from the crowd. There are 12 LEDs inside, so the lighting performances are impressive no less. Illumination angle is 45 degrees and it can be easily changed at any given moment. All of this means that the lights will provide safety and road illumination at all times. Mounting is simple and won’t require more than a couple of minutes.

The ip67 standard is available as well. This means that your new fog lights are waterproof and dustproof. This made them suitable for drivers who need heavy-duty fog lights. In addition, IP67 standard is one of the most common here and it is suitable for most drivers.

5. YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar,2PCS 18W 6Inch Flood LED Work Light

Best for

massive fog lights


2PCS 18W 6InchMassive fog lights


Color temperature of 6.000K

IP67 standard


Superb cooling


Purple light

Too big for some cars

These may be the best fog lights if you have a need to get massive fog lights for more demanding situations. Color temperature is the main advantage here and it is 6.000K. Compared to other models, this is almost 2 times higher value. Other facts you should know is illumination range, which is 45 degrees and IP67 standard which makes the lights water and dustproof. But, these units are also known for anti-explosion advantage.

PC lens, aluminum housing and a working temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius are additional features you will get. So, at the end of a day, you will get massive and bright LED fog lights which are ideal for massive cars, trucks and even for ATVs. Of course, mounting is simple thanks to the mounting brackets you get in the package.


Here, we have presented to you the best fog lights of the latest generation All 5 models are sophisticated, durable, well-made and suitable for drivers who want it all. Quality is obvious, but the price is affordable. Now is your turn to choose the one you want the most.

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