Best Keyword Research Tool for blogging and SEO

I always advise my trainees that it is a must they get the best keyword research tool if they really want to be very successful in doing SEO and blogging.

Writing articles for your website or blog without doing a keyword research is like going to an examination hall with an empty brain. If your website or blog is aimed at making money, then you should arm yourself with information about keywords that can make you money very easily.

As a blogger, why will you go and target keywords with little or no volume? A good keyword research tool will show the keywords you can target with good chances of ranking them very easily.

Best keyword research tool for SEO

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword planner is one of the most popular keyword research tools around. This tool was built by Google to help those willing to advertise through Google Adword.

However, bloggers and other SEO enthusiasts now use Google Keyword planner as a tool to research keywords before writing articles around them.

To some, Google Keyword Planner is the best keyword research tool anybody can think of. This tool is free of charge, though it has some limitations.


Longtailpro is a software used to check the volume, difficulty and other competitive data of keywords. This cloud based software is very useful if you want to know how competitive a keyword is.

With Longtailpro, you can know how easy or hard a keyword is when it comes to ranking on search engines. Longtailpro is a fantastic SEO tool.

Longtailpro has a free trial version.


Just like Longtailpro, SEMRUSH is an SEO tool. It has a 14 day free trial version. With SEMRUSH, you can check the difficulty of a keyword; you can also check the volume of a keyword and see the Google Adsense Cost Per Click rate (CPC).

You can analyse any website with SEMRUSH. SEMRUSH shows the organic traffic of a website, the keywords a website is ranking for and the rank of each keyword on SERP and the competitor websites of the analysed website.

With SEMRUSH, you can check the number of PPC ads a website places on search engines and the social media.

With SEMRUSH, you can easily know what to do to outrank your competitors.

SEMRUSH updates its data almost every day. It is arguably the best keyword research tool around.

Best Keyword Research Tool for blogging and SEO


Ask 8 out of 10 bloggers, they are likely to tell you that ahrefs is the best keyword research tool they have ever used.

Ahrefs can do all the analysis SEMRUSH can do. Its data are broader than SEMRUSH’. Ahrefs can show the number of organic clicks a website gets. It can also show the competitive data of any keyword.

Ahrefs can also show the competitors of a given website and updates its database much more often than SEMRUSH.

With Ahrefs, you can disavow any toxic links to your website.

The trail version of Ahrefs is $7.

Best Keyword Research Tool for blogging and SEO


KWFinder is a keyword research tool which can do a thorough analysis of any given keyword. KWFinder can show the volume of a keyword and how competitive the keyword is on SERP.

KWFinder has similar functions like Longtailpro. It is also a cloud based software like Longtailpro.

Your first three searches every day on KWFinder is free charge.


SpyFU is one of the SEO tools you can use to do keywords research. SpyFU shows the below data:

  • Keyword rank
  • Cost per click
  • Ranking Difficulty
  • Search Volume
  • Estimated clicks per month
  • Estimated click value per month

The cost of the basic plan for SpyFU is $79 per month.

Best Keyword Research Tool for blogging and SEO

Keyword Revealer

Keyword revealer is also arguably the nest keyword research tool for SEO. This cloud based application can be used to ascertain the volume, difficulty and CPC of any given keyword.

You can use Keyword Revealer before you create any keyword targeted article on your blog. It will show you the right keywords to target for your blog and for SEO benefit.

Best Keyword Research Tool for blogging and SEO

There are a lot of keyword research tools. Some are very expensive while some are cheap.

You need to look at your purse before investing in any keyword tool. You also need to look at the functionalities of the keyword research tools before you choose any of them.

For me, Ahrefs remains the best keyword research tool for SEO and blogging. If you can afford it, buy it.

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