How blogging changed the life of a website designer

The power of blogging is often underestimated. Check most websites around, you will see that they do not have blog sections.

All my clients who added a blog section to their websites saw a significant increase in the number of leads they got. Once, you add fresh and well researched articles or posts to your blog frequently and you know how to do search engine optimization and content marketing, you will smile to the bank.

John is a 32 year old website designer. The young man studied English Language in the university but decided to learn how to build websites when he could not get a good job.

Lucky John became a good website designer but he had a challenge. He just could not get leads. This young man became disorientated; he could not pay his bills.

John read about how blogging can change the fortune of his business. After few weeks, he started a blog and wrote lots of articles on website building. Today, the young man makes good money every month. His income is enough to sustain him and his family. As a matter of fact, he boasts that no company can pay him the money he earns from website building monthly.

What John did for him to make sustainable monthly income

John implemented the below tactics before he could turn his poor financial state around:


Though John studied English Language, he went to a training school to learn how websites are built. He also read about website building on the web.

Acquisition of skills is the first step when you want to make money from freelancing. Anybody can learn any skills. I know a French graduate who is very skillful in Java programming. As a matter of fact, he designs software for a number of banks in the US. He never studied engineering or mathematics in school.

Created a blog

John learnt how to blog and he made use of the knowledge to create a blog. He registered a domain name and hosted the domain with a popular website host. Because of his knowledge in blogging, he decided to host his website with a host that has a very good speed.

Website speed can kill your keywords’ ranking efforts. This is why I advise people who want to make money from blogging to avoid free or ridiculously cheap web hosting firms.

John posts original and well researched articles about website design and building on his blog twice a week.

People who read the blog articles often ask him to build websites for them.

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As part of his blogging training, John learnt how to increase the prominence of his money keywords on Google. This is what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does.

Without good SEO, even if you write 1,000 articles, people searching for information on search engines like Google may not see your blog or blog articles.

SEO is pretty broad, you have to learn how to choose money keywords, keywords research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and other things about SEO.

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Email Marketing

Gbenga used GetResponse opt-in forms to capture the email addresses of visitors to his blog. The list of email addresses John has is a big asset to him. He markets to those in the list and also cross sells other products to them.

Social Media

You must not discount the power of the social media. A lot of people are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Gbenga has accounts with these social media platforms.

He posts his blog posts on the platforms and sometimes uses Facebook Ads to target people who will be likely to engage him for website building services.

How to Make Money with a Low Traffic Blog

Today, blogging has made John to earn between $10,000-$17,000 monthly.

Are you still sitting on the fence? Why not start a blog today to showcase your skills to the world.

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