Blogging – The hidden secrets about this money making venture

I recently asked a group of young graduates about the business or endeavour they will like to add to their day jobs, I was shocked when almost 70% of the class chose blogging.

Why blogging you may ask. People see blogging as a very easy work you can do on the side, but the truth is that a significant percentage of blogs today do not make money.

Making money from blogging is an easy task if you know the tricks and if you can be patient for few months. Unfortunately, most people who go into blogging just think that if they post few articles on their blogs, money will start flowing in.

Before I go far, let me explain what blogging is. Blogging involves the sharing of your knowledge, events and information on a website called a blog.

Blogging can be a hobby or a money making venture. The main reasons for blogging can be to solve problems, share knowledge, make impact in your society or promote your business or brand.

Models of blogging

Revenue generating blogs

These are blogs created with the sole aim of making money. Blogs can make money through advertising, affiliate marketing and selling of goods and services etc. most Nigerians who have blogs fall into this category.

Non-revenue earning blogs

These are mainly blogs created to share events or happenings in the life of a person, a business or environment. People who run these blogs do it as hobby. However, after having large followership, the blogs may turn to an income generating blog.

Business blogs

These are blogs companies or businesses use to promote their brands, products or services. Indirectly, the blogs generate leads and income for the business. Most businesses nowadays have a section for blog on their websites.

Steps to take to make your blogging business successful

I am sure that you might have heard that some blogs make millions of dollars per month. In the US, there are blogs making up to $250,000 monthly, we also have blogs that make as low as $1,000 monthly but the truth is that a lot of blogs make nothing because of several factors which I will explain in this note later.

Below are the steps you should take if you want to make your blog earn good income for you.


The first step in any business is being determined to make the venture succeed. It is a simple psychology of life. People who are determined are most likely to be successful. If you are the type who cannot run the full course of a business venture or you chicken out in the face of challenges, then blogging is not for you.

Knowing your skills or knowledge

Most blogs are very successful because the owner of the blog shares information related to his or her discipline or field. If you are a digital marketing expert, you can create a blog to share articles about digital marketing. If you are a medical doctor, you can create a blog about healthcare.

However, it should be noted that you do not need to know about a discipline before you share information about it. I have seen blog owners who do not know anything about the articles they post on their blogs. They mostly use freelancers skilled in the field they want to write on.

You do not need to be an expert in a field to succeed, you just need the ability to find talents and use them efficiently for your business or blog.

Identify niche

Choosing less competitive niche can make your blogging business less tedious and quick to make money. Some niches are very competitive, it will need you to spend a lot of money, time and other resources in order to compete and make money.

There are several good niches bloggers have not tapped. You just need to do your research well and choose a niche that can make good income for you.

Writing several topics from all fields on a blog is not the way to go. As a starter, it is better to choose a topic and write several articles on it. This will make you an authority people will want to consult when it comes to problems in the niche.

How to choose a domain name and web hosting

Some bloggers prefer to use free domains like blogger, I will not advise you to go this route. If you want to start a blog, it is better you buy the conventional domain names from registrars around.

You may add the name of your niche as part of your domain name or choose any name you wish. .com is the best domain extension in my opinion.

Avoid using symbols like % or & as part of your domain name, just use a simple domain name like or

After registering your domain name, you should choose a good web hosting company to host your website. Hosting your website with a bad host may negatively affect your blogging business. A change in my web host made my website’s speed two times faster and all my money keywords shot up on SERPs.

A cheap web hosting plan does not necessarily constitute a good service.

Design of website

I advise my students to use wordpress if they want to start a blog. With wordpress, you can design a blog within few minutes and the blog will be up and running. You do not need to be a programmer or a website designer to know how to use wordpress to start a blog.

When using wordpress, you should be mindful of the types of plugins you use. I once changed my wordpress theme plugin to another theme plugin and I was surprised to realize that my website’s speed shot up. Some of my keywords had better ranking because of the change.

Keyword research

The difference between a successful blog and an unsuccessful one can be how they carry out keyword research. I have reviewed over 200 blogs in the past few weeks and I saw that the main problem most of them have for not making money is poor keyword research.

For those who do not know what keywords are, keywords are words or phrases people search for on search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo etc. Long tail keywords are generally less competitive and easier to rank on search engines like Google.

From my review of a lot of blogs, I see that a significant percentage of the blog owners just write what comes to their mind. Why will you write an article about a keyword that has zero search on Google? Why will you write about a subject that has no searches on Google monthly?

Yes, an authority blog or a blog with a well known brand can write on any keyword, but if you are a starter, you must do keyword research. It is better to target keywords with good monthly search volume and less competition. There are free and paid tools you can use to do effective keyword research.

You can also reverse engineer successful blogs and steal their money generating keywords.

You can contact me if you need help about keyword research.


Contents Creation

Content is king. If you want your blog to make money, you must write and post well researched and original contents frequently. Some bloggers post contents once a week, twice a week, every day or even up to 20 times a day. It depends on your schedule.

Your articles must be at least 800-1000 words. The days of writing short articles and ranking them are gone. In fact, a significant percentage of articles that appear on No 1-3 of Google’s SERPs have 1,500-3,000 words. Google is likely to rank your posts higher if they are well researched and long.

Putting attractive images, infographics, videos and animations etc on your blog can be very beneficial. People are likely to click on videos, animations, images and infographics than written articles, they are also more likely to share them on social media that written posts.

People often ask me questions like; I do not know how to write good articles, I do not know how to create videos and images. There are applications you can use to create images and videos. You can also use freelancers to write good articles.

Write as much articles as you can write, however, do not forget to promote or market these articles so that people can see them.

You can contact me if you want well researched SEO articles, infographics, videos or any image.


What is the use of having a blog without getting traffic? If you can drive traffic tom your blog and convert the traffic to take some actions on your blog, you will make money.

How can you drive traffic to your blog? You can use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make your posts rank well on Google so people can see them, click and read. You can use email marketing tactics to drive traffic to your blog. You can also use social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog. Other strategies include guest posting, commenting on forums, opening threads on forums and answering questions on other blogs and websites etc.

Social Media

Never forsake socials if you want your blog to be widely successful. Social media can drive huge traffic to your blog. I know blogs that rely almost 100% on social media traffic.

Having accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can positively impact your blog. It is not having accounts with these social media platforms alone, you must actively interact and engage with your fans and followers.

Posting comments on your social media feeds 2-20 times a day is not a bad idea. You can use some tools to schedule the posts.

There are ways you can craft your messages on social media to make them more clickable. There are also some image and colour tricks to use to make people click your social media posts.

You can contact me for social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the strategy you can use to increase the prominence of your website or blog post on search engines like Google. With a good SEO tactics, you can drive huge traffic to your blog and make your blogging business profitable.

On-page SEO

On page optimization is the tactics you use on your website to make it rank well on Google and other search engines. It can be called internal SEO.

Examples of on page optimization include:

You must try to index your web pages within 24 hours, there are tools you can use to achieve this

Endeavour to make your targeted keyword appear in your title tag and other H tags (H1-H6)

No keyword stuffing in your blog post. Your keyword density should not exceed 1.5%

Words with similar meaning with your targeted keywords should be used naturally in your blog article. This is called LSI keywords.

The length of your blog post or article should be more than 400 words. Above 1,000 words is better

Your website or blog speed should be under 2 seconds

Do internal linking in your blog post

Do outward linking to authority websites


No excessive affiliate links and adverts on your website

Practise silo structure

Your blog should be mobile friendly

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is mainly how you get backlinks to your website. Some off-page SEo strategies you can use include:

Guest posting

Blog commenting

Social signals etc

Various researches have shown that backlinks are the most powerful ranking signal of Google.

How to make money from blogging

Why will I keep writing and developing contents on my blog without making money? You can make several thousands of dollars every month through blogging. You can also make huge losses if you do not know what you are doing. You should know that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to do the right thing and be a little bit patient.

Below are how you can make money from blogging:


If your blog has high traffic, you can make good money from advertisements from companies and individuals around the world. Some companies pay as high as $2,000 for banner adverts on blogs.

You can also use network adverts like Google Adsense. I must warn though that most people who use Google Adsense make little money. Your traffic must be high before you can make good money from Google Adsense. Some bloggers do not even use Adsense at all and they make good money monthly.

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting companies’ products and services can make you good money every month. You can join international and local affiliate programmes like Amazon, CJ and Clickbank etc.

Product Review

You can write preview of products or services of companies around the world and earn money. Some companies can pay you cash while some can give you their products.

Marketing of your business

I know a company that makes over $10 million annually by just getting leads through their blog posts. For example, If you are cake baker, you can make huge money by having a blog section on your website.

Success stories of bloggers

Shoutmeloud makes about $500,000) annually from blogging about internet marketing.

Makingsenseofcents makes over $1 million annually from blogging on personal finance.

How we can assist you

Are you a business owner who wants to use a blog to get more leads and sales? We can assist you. If you also want to be a blog owner, we can guide you. Do you need contents for your blogging business? Just contact us and we will make you smile.

Do you want to rank your blog post or improve your SEO? Do you want us to clinically analyse your blog? You can contact us now.

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