Can I make money as a freelance proofreader?

A freelance proofreader is a self employed person who helps people to read their write-ups to make sure they have no errors or mistakes.

A proofreader may also help in correcting errors found in write-ups. Most article writers, students and professionals engage proofreaders to help them clean their notes of any errors or mistakes.

I know a number of proofreaders who make sustainable income from the comfort of their homes every month. All they do is to source for job, do the job and get paid.

Can I make money as a freelance proofreader

How to make money as a freelance proofreader

Horn your skills

A good proofreader must have an excellent skill in writing and the ability to spot errors and mistakes. Any writer who engages a proofreader thinks that the proofreader knows how to write well and can help him to clean up his writings.

A good proofreader should also know how to restructure a poorly written article or note.

You must be very skillful in writing. This is a must if you want to be successful as a proofreader.Get the Secrets of How to Earn Money from Side Hustles

Start a blog

Having a blog can make more people know about your proofreading services. Just register and host a domain, download wordpress and design your blog.

Write articles constantly about your niche which is proofreading and learn how to optimize your articles on search engines. With time, you will get better visibility on search engines like Google. This can significantly increase your leads.

With more leads, there is a higher chance of earning more money.

Search for jobs

Even if you are the best proofreader in the world and you do not get jobs, you cannot make money. You look for proofreading jobs vigorously.

I know proofreaders who send out over 200 cold emails every day in order to just convert some of the leads they get to paying clients.

The game is for those who can aggressively source of leads.

Join freelancing sites

Most freelancers have accounts with some of the top freelancing sites in the world. These freelancing sites have a lot of people looking for proofreaders. However, you will need to convince the people looking for proofreaders that you are fit for the job.

Having a lot of positive customers’ review will boost your profile on freelancing sites.

Examples of good freelancing sites include and

I personally know freelance proofreaders making over $2,000 every month on freelancing sites.


Like any business, networking can give your freelance proofreading career more mileage. Networking will make you meet new people who may need your services. Even if they do not need your services, they can recommend your services to their friends and family.

As a freelance proofreader, you can network with business executives, students, bloggers and article writers etc.

Most bloggers need proofreaders to help them look for errors and mistakes on their posts.

Be active on the social media

Talking about your work as a proofreader on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter can go a long way in bringing new clients to your business.

I know a lot of freelancers who make the bulk of their income from the clients they get on social media platforms.

You can also place ads about your services on some social media channels.

Yes, you can make good money as a freelance proofreader.

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