Do Fuel Injector Cleaners really work

Fuel system cleaners are common sight in supermarkets like Walmart and auto shops. It surprises many people how a small bottle containing some solvents can clean the fuel systems of cars. Some have claimed that the effectiveness of injector cleaners is a myth. I have used fuel injector cleaners severally and I can confirm that […]

Best Fog Lights

Fog lights are more than just needed for all cars. A good thing is the fact most cars already have them, but investing in aftermarket models is beneficial. They are used to provide additional road illumination and to ensure safety especially when it snows or there is fog. The best fog lights are brighter, more […]

Best Car Wax Spray

After we’ve reviewed the best fuel injection cleaner it is now time to take care of the outside of your car. The visual side. A car wax spray is something that can make your car look like brand new. These products are used to restore shine and factory condition of a paint job. Of course, […]