blogging and website designer

How blogging changed the life of a website designer

The power of blogging is often underestimated. Check most websites around, you will see that they do not have blog sections. All my clients who added a blog section to their websites saw a significant increase in the number of leads they got. Once, you add fresh and well researched articles or posts to your blog frequently and you […]


14 surefire things that can improve your keywords’ ranking

To get traffic for your website or blog, you must make your keyword or keywords rank well on Google and other search engines’ SERP. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies are what can make your keywords rank well. Before you start a blog, you must know how to use SEO tactics to rank your keywords. Things you should […]


Website flipping – Build websites and sell them for profit

David, a young engineer asked recently asked me what website flipping is. The curious young man said he overheard his friends talking about some websites flippers who make thousands of dollars every month. The question David asked later turned this young man to a businessman who solely relied on website flipping as his source of […]