Cryptocurrency – The currency that can make you a millionaire

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a means of exchange. A cryptocurrency is secured by cryptography. As opposed to the Central Bank and government centralized control of conventional currencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and they do not have any control from the government. Control of cryptocurrencies is governed with the use […]


Bitcoin – An alternative way to make money

Bitcoin (btc) is a type of cryptocurrency used by people for payment of goods and services. This digital currency has gained ground in the past few years. In bitcoin operations, peer to peer transactions take place between individuals without the need for any intermediary. Btc is based on a block chain technology. You can create bitcoins by […]

amazon affiliate

Amazon Affiliate – Make $10,000 monthly

Amazon affiliate is one of the most popular affiliate schemes in the world. It is officially called Amazon Associate Program by Amazon. After joining Amazon affiliate program, you can create links on your Amazon Associate portal; put these links on your website, any website visitor who buys Amazon products through the created links or clicking the links […]