Top 6 Countries to Make Money as an English Teacher

Are you a native English speaker or you are very proficient in the use of English? If yes, do you know that you can make good income from teaching English abroad? Ann, a 21 year old American was jobless for over 12 months in Florida, USA, today she earns up to $60,000 annually in South […]

weekend jobs

You Want Some Cash? 9 Money Making Gigs for Weekends

We all look forward to weekends. The saying ‘thank God is Friday’ rents the air in lots of work places when it is Friday. While some prefer to rest at weekends, others prefer to make some money during this period. Are you one of the people who like to make some fast cash at weekends? […]

Why you are not making money as a blogger

Why you are not making money as a blogger

The truth is that most bloggers do not make good money. Just like any other business, it is only those who take blogging as business and those who know the tricks that make good money. You do not need to be very hard working as a blogger, all you need is to work smart and know how […]