How to build the habit of saving money

How to build the habit of saving money

A 75 year old billionaire once told me that his secret of wealth is his ability to save and invest his funds when he was young. He said he made it a point of duty to save 25% of his monthly salary. He was not only saving his money when he was young, he was […]

Ways to Get Out of Debt

16 surefire strategies to pay off your debt

Taking loans and credits is not a bad thing if you know how you can manage them. Often times, people find it very hard to get out of debt. They devise all sorts of tactics, yet they will still be trapped in the problem. Getting out of debt can signal your way to financial independence. You […]

8 Strategies to use to buy a Car

Depending on your circumstance, buying a car can be a necessity and you can actually save by driving your own car. Yes, in some cases, using public transportation may save you money but I have also seen instances where car owners save more money than those who use public transportation. You can also earn money by owning […]