ways you can save money

Top 10 ways you can save money

The one who does not save is like a person gambling with his life. If you have started earning income, you should cultivate the habit of saving a part of the income periodically. It may be monthly or quarterly. Just have a fixed schedule of saving. The excuse that your monthly income is lean is […]

smart ways to save money

11 smart ways to save money

Saving a part of your money is a smart way to be financial independent. A lot of people want to save money every month but they do not just know the best ways to go about it. No matter how much you earn every month, you should endeavour to save a percentage of your salary and stick […]

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9 Side Jobs a Student can do to Make Money

Earning few hundreds or thousands of dollars as a student can be so delightful. Gone are the days when students are advised to fully concentrate on their studies. Today, smart students do side jobs to make some extra money. Some students who engage in side hustles even make more money than people who work full […]