Bad habits that can make you go broke

Bad habits that can make you go broke

Bad habits are not too nice behaviours you repeat frequently, these may even occur subconsciously. Most people have battled with bad money habits. The fact is that only few people get over their bad money habits. Having a bad money habit can be likened to getting hooked to some drugs like cocaine. It is very […]

lifestyle of billionaires and millionaires

The lifestyle of billionaires – smart money habits you should learn

Billionaires and millionaires are not wealthy just because they are lucky; they make a lot of money because they know the art of money management. Most successful people are frugal and you will never find them spending money without thinking through about the consequences. You might have seen some billionaires spending money with reckless abandon. […]

types of debt that will benefit you

5 types of debt that will benefit you

Debt is mostly seen as a bad thing by the ’uninitiated’ but if used wisely, debt or loans can impact your life positively. Ask successful businessmen the secrets of their businesses; they are likely to tell you that one of their secrets is the ability to use loans well. Some debts are toxic while some […]