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Will a University Degree Guarantee a Lifetime of Good Earnings?

There is nothing bad in getting a university degree, it is prestigious and you are likely to earn some respect when people know that you have passed through the four walls of a university. In most countries of the world, a lot of people go to universities to get degrees because they think their chances […]


11 things you must do to enjoy your retirement

Retirement is what every ageing person looks forward to. All paid employees must surely retire after they attain a particular age or when they have a put in a stated numbers of years. In most employment, retirement mostly comes after a worker clocks the age of 60-65 years or after he or she puts in […]

Unhealthy habits that can cost you your health and money

A friend shared the life story of his dad with me. His dad was a very wealthy man when he was alive. He spent a lot of money on very expensive alcoholic drinks. He drank beer and spirits like fish. The man died from a terminal liver disease caused by his unhealthy drinking habit. Aside […]