Essay Writing – A guaranteed way of making over $2,000 monthly

Essay writing can be very lucrative if you have writing skills and you know how to get leads or clients. An essay is simply a piece of writing containing the writer’s opinion about a subject or topic.

There are several types of essay. An essay can be an academic paper, students’ write-ups, press article, blog article and reports etc.

I know a number of essay writers who make over $2,000 monthly. The interesting thing about this is that all of them are freelancers. They all work from home.

How to make money from essay writing

There are ways you can make money from essay writing, these methods are discussed below:

Start a blog

Having a blog can significantly increase your chances of making money from essay writing. You can use the blog to showcase your writing skills.

To start a blog, you need to buy a domain name, host the website, download wordpress and design your website.

You can host your website here

Once your website is up and running, continue to write original articles about your niche and post them on the blog.

You will need search engine optimization and social media skills to drive traffic to your blog.

Teach people how to write essay

Teaching people how to put their thoughts in paper can make you rich. Just find those who are willing to learn essay writing, charge them a fee and teach them what you know.

You can find this set of people on the internet. You can also find them in your locality.

Do you know that you can even teach people remotely? All you need to do is to create teaching videos on your blog and ask people to pay before they can access or watch them.

You can also sell eBooks on essay writing.

essay writing make money

Engage in freelance essay writing

Freelance essay writing is pretty profitable. The main things you need is the skill of writing and how you can get leads or clients.

A blog will help you a great deal in showcasing your skills. However, you need digital marketing skills to get a lot of leads to your business of essay writing.

As a freelancer, you do not need to work for anyone. All you need is your skills and a computer with internet facility.

You can work from anywhere in the world. You are also free to determine the time you want to work not like paid employment.

Write business plans and proposals

Though writing business plans and proposals is not really essay writing. If you have good writing and business awareness skills, you can make money from writing business plans, feasibility studies and business proposals.

Write reports

You can also add writing of reports to your essay writing work. A lot of individuals and companies see for report writers every day.

Good report writers are paid well.

Write academic papers

You will be surprised that a lot of students even PhD students outsource the writing of their dissertations and other academic papers.

You can make a ton of money if you are skilled in a academic writing.

I sometimes make $3,000 for writing a type of academic paper. Please note that this may be illegal in some countries.

Essay writing skills you need to make money

Good grammatical skills

You need excellent grammatical skills if you want to succeed as an essay writer. If you write in English, you must know how to structure your essay.

You must also be familiar with all the tenses in English language.

Ability to write at short notice

Essay writers especially freelancers write at short notice. You can get a request to write a 2000 word essay within 24 hours.

You should learn to work with speed and accuracy.


Not only in essay writing, even in other businesses, perseverance pays. If you just started out in essay writing and you are not making money. Just persevere, continue to improve your skills and build your customer base. Money will flow in later.

Research skills

In essay writing, you need to know how to investigate and research a subject or topic. Writing essays without good research will only make your customers stay away from you.

Tools you need for essay writing

As an essay writer, you need to use some tools for your work. Below are some tools that will make your essay writing job easy:


Grammarly is a software or application used by writers to check their essays for grammatical error and plagiarism.

This application also guides writers on how to structure their articles so that it will have a better readability.

A good alternative to Grammarly is Copyscape.

Word document

You need word document software to write your essays. This software makes essay writing very easy on your computer.

A good word document application is the Microsoft Word Document.


Having a computer is standard in essay writing today. You can use any computer. A portable laptop will do for one who is just starting out the business of writing.


The internet will make you access the web easily. With the internet, you can carry out research for your essays.

You can also get leads with the help of the internet.

Essay writing can make you good money. Just roll up your sleeves, get writing skills and start making money.

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