Free Hosting – Never use this for your website or blog

I recently met a young man who wanted to start a blog; he asked if he could get free hosting for his blog. A lot of people ask this same question. If you really want to make money from your website or blog, please run away from any free web hosting. It may look cheap to you but you are likely not to make good money by using any free hosting plan.

One of my trainees who blogged using a free web hosting plan never made any reasonable amount of money until she bought a paid web hosting plan. Few weeks after he migrated to a paid hosting plan, she saw that some of her money keywords ranked higher on Google.

I have never seen any website or blog that makes good money using free hosting plans. You check out, most of the bloggers who use free hosting plan to abandon their blogs within a few months.

Reasons why you should never use a free hosting plan

There are a lot of reasons why you should never use a free web hosting plan. I will list and explain the principal reasons why you should flee when you hear the word ‘Free Hosting’

Speed Issues

To get good visibility for your website and keywords on search engines, your website must have a good speed. If your website is very slow to load, visitors can also bounce or leave the website because of its snail speed.

Your website or blog should load within 2 seconds if you really want Google to reward you with good visibility on its SERP.

Unfortunately, most if not all free hosting plan will make your website or blog very slow. Your keywords will suffer as they will not rank well on Google. This may negatively impact your website or blog’s ability to make money for you.

Brand Issue

Some free web hosting plan will make you add the name of their brand as part of your domain extension. This may affect the brandability of your website or blog.

Imagine using blogspot for your website or blog, this can impact the reputation of your brand.


Free web hosting plans and Security

Security is another key issue when you use a free hosting plan. The servers of web hosting companies that offer free hosting plans are in most cases overloaded with a lot of websites with poor security features; this can cause security problems for your own website or blog.

free hosting


As explained above, if you rely on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make money from your website, then you should stay clear of free hosting plans.

Snail speed associated with websites hosted on the servers of free web hosting companies can make your keywords have poor ranking on Google.


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High bounce rate

Slow speed can cause visitors to quickly exit your website or blog. When a website or blog’s bounce rate is high, the blog will likely not make good income.

Personally, I quickly exit a website when it does not load within 5 seconds.

Questions and Answers about Free Hosting

Que: What is free hosting?

Ans: It is a type of plan which allows domain owners to host their domains on a server free of charge. It is a way to attract unsuspecting people to buy other products of the free web hosting seller.

Que: I do not have money and I want to start blogging, can I still start with a free web hosting plan?

Ans: What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. I am afraid; you may not make money by using a free web hosting plan. Once, you fail in your first run of blogging, you may think blogging is not profitable after all and jettison the idea that can make you financially independent.

Que: Are there very successful bloggers who use free web hosting plans for their websites?

Ans: Personally, I have not seen any successful blogger who used free hosting plan for his blog. Neither have I seen a good company using a free web hosting plan. I am pretty sure that most people will also tell you that they have not come across anybody making fantastic income from free hosting.

Que: If free web hosting is not that good, what hosting plan do you recommend?

Ans: I personally recommend A2 Hosting; you can register and host your domain here.

Let us continue this discussion on the comments section. You can ask me any question about free hosting in the comments section.

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