Do Fuel Injector Cleaners really work

Fuel system cleaners are common sight in supermarkets like Walmart and auto shops. It surprises many people how a small bottle containing some solvents can clean the fuel systems of cars.

Some have claimed that the effectiveness of injector cleaners is a myth. I have used fuel injector cleaners severally and I can confirm that they are really effective. I have written a review of some injector cleaners in one of my previous posts.

Just a refresher, Injector cleaners are solvents used to clear up carbon and impurities from the injector and fuel system of a car.

With the constant usage of fuel in your car, carbon and other impurities may get into your injectors. These impurities if not cleaned may cause a lot of problems for your car’s engine.

A colleague of mine has a 2012 Ford 150 truck, he noticed that the truck would not run smoothly, the emission rate became higher and the fuel consumption economy reduced. He took the truck for the normal intermittent engine maintenance but this routine would not help the truck to run smoothly.

He was advised to try a fuel injector cleaner, he did as instructed. After few days, he noticed positive changes in how his truck was running. His truck recovered his fuel efficiency and the engine improved in performance, thanks to the fuel system cleaner he used.

What Fuel Injector Cleaners can do for your Car

I have discussed the benefits of fuel system cleaners in the previous articles. I will reiterate some of the benefits below:

Fuel injector cleaners can help in the clearing of fuel lines and injectors of carbon and deposits. These deposits if not removed from the fuel system may hinder the smooth performance of your car’s engine and may lead to other serious problems.

Emissions which can be harmful to the environment can be reduced significantly with the use of fuel injector cleaner.

The use of injector cleaners can lead to savings in fuel consumption. Fuel systems with a lot of deposits often consume more fuel more than those with clean fuel lines.

Your engine will run optimally if you use a high quality injector cleaner. You will notice a better performance in your automotive engine.

How to Use Fuel injector Additives

You need to read the instructions on the label of any injector cleaner you buy before you use it. In most cases, you will be advised to add the fuel injector solvent into your tank when its near empty, then you get fuel to fill up the tank after adding the fuel cleaner.

With this, the fuel cleaner will mix with the fuel well and break down the carbon deposits in the fuel system.

You can be sure that the usage of fuel injector cleaner will be beneficial to your automotive engine. You will get value for your money by using this solvent to clear your car’s fuel lines of contaminants and other impurities.

You will give your car longer life by using a good fuel injector cleaner.

Are you still sitting on the fence, you do not need to worry about applying fuel systems cleaners to your gas tank.

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