How bloggers can make money without Google Adsense

Most bloggers think that without Google Adsense they cannot make money. This is a false belief. Most big time bloggers make their income from affiliate marketing and other income generating activities.

Yes, Google Adsense can make you a lot of money if you have a high traffic but there are other avenues that you can also make good money as a blogger.

Other ways bloggers can make money aside Google Adsense

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways a blogger can make money aside using Google Adsense. An affiliate marketer helps a business to promote its products. When the company records a sale through the efforts of the affiliate marketer, the affiliate marketer earns a commission.

To join an affiliate marketing program, you need to apply and you will be given a link which you can put in the posts or articles you create on your blog. Once a sale is made through the clicking of the affiliate link, you get a commission.

Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, Bluehost and Siteground etc all have affiliate marketing plans. Some companies pay as high as $1,000 per sale by an affiliate marketer.

A lot of bloggers make the significant part of the income through affiliate marketing.


CPA is known as cost per action. Some bloggers make good income through CPA. A blogger can earn income by getting leads for a business or company. There are several types of CPA. You just need to apply for one, get accepted and start making money.

How bloggers can make money without Google Adsense

Sell a product

I know a payday loan company that gets over 80% of its customers through its blog. Some bloggers solely rely on their blogs for leads and sales. Their blogs are their lifelines.

A blogger who blogs in the sports betting niche can start a betting prediction company and start to get leads through his blog.

Nowadays, businesses now know the power of blogging. With a blog on your website, you can get a lot of leads and make good money for yourself.

A make-up artist who has a beauty blog is likely to make a lot more money than her competitors without a blog.


A blogger who freelances can make a whole lot of money from his blog. Some freelancers get a lot of leads or gigs through their blogs.

A freelance writer can decide to start a blog about freelancing. With time, his articles or posts will have good prominence on search engines. This can lead to more clients, more gigs and more money.

A freelance website designer can also decide to start a blog about website building and design. If he knows his onions, he can get a lot of customers through his blog.

Advertise for businesses

If your blog has good traffic, you can accept advertisement placements on your blog. I know some bloggers who make thousands of dollars every month by just putting ads on their blogs.

Businesses search for blogs with large followership with the aim of placing ads on them.

A blogger has a lot of avenues to make money other than Google Adsense. Blogging can be one of the most profitable ventures anybody can do but you need to work smart.

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