How to Make Money with a Low Traffic Blog

Blogging can be a very profitable business or hobby if you know the tricks. I do tell people that you do not need a huge traffic before you can make good money out of your blog. It is a misconception that if you cannot drive several thousands or millions of visitors to your blog, you cannot make money.

In my few years of creating blogs for people, I have seen blogs with less than 3,000 hits a month making over $5,000 in revenue monthly. Surprised? Why not read on to learn the tactics and unearth the secret of smiling to the bank with a low traffic blog.

What is a blog?

Let me refresh your brain. A blog is simply a diary where you write about the happenings or events about a niche. Blogs are mainly websites where bloggers post articles about a particular subject or subjects.

To have a good blog, you must write well researched articles frequently. Some bloggers post hourly, daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly etc. You just need to choose the blogging frequency you are convenient with.

How to Make Money with a Low Traffic Blog

Strategies to use to make money from a low traffic blog

The below tactics are how you can make money from a low traffic blog:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the promotion of other people’s products on your website or blog or through other means. A company operating an affiliate scheme will give you a link you can use to promote their products on your blog.

If anyone buys the company’s products on your blog, you get a commission. If you are an affiliate of a web hosting company, you can encourage people to host their websites with the web hosting company. Once you record a sale through your efforts, the web hosting company will pay you a commission.

Some companies with affiliates’ schemes pay as high as $400 per sale. A blog that makes just two sales a day with a company like this can make $800 in just a day.

There are people who make an average of $500 per day being Namecheap or Bluehost affiliate member. These two companies are web hosting companies.

How to Make Money with a Low Traffic Blog

Teach people about blogging

Do a simple survey and I can assure you that you will be shocked about the number of people who are interested in blogging. A lot of people want to start blogging but they just need training.

The best way to reach people wanting tutorial on blogging is through your website or blog. You need to rank keywords associated with blogging and you will start getting enquiries about your blogging course.

As a blogging course provider, you can make money from affiliates scheme of web hosting company and email marketing providers. You will also make money from the fees you charge for your blogging course.

Offer a service on your blog

If you are very skilled or talented in a field, you can make a lot of money from your blog even if you have a low traffic.

I know a blogger who has less than 2,000 visitors to his blog every month. This blogger makes over N1 million monthly by building websites for people.

How does he make his money? He only writes articles related to web hosting and design. He has published over 200 articles about this subject. He is seen as an authority in the field so he gets customers every time.

This blogger gets over 100 website building gigs every month. In fact, he has virtual assistants he outsources some of the website building jobs to. He is simply overwhelmed with website building orders. This is a blogger whose blog has a very low traffic.

Just learn a skill, be good in it and blog about it. You will be surprised with the money you will make.

Email Marketing

Capturing the email addresses of the visitors to your blog can be a very good tool to get leads. They say there is money in the list. The list you build through your email marketing efforts can later make good money for you.

Experts say each email address in your list is worth $1-$2.

How can I build a list? This is the question a blogger asked me. You need to get an email service provider like GetResponse and add their sign up forms on your blog. This service provider will help you organize your list and send our marketing campaigns when needed.

Social Media

Yes, we have bloggers with low traffic who make most of their income from the social media. You need to be skilled in how to increase your social media followership. Some bloggers also use social media Ads like Facebook Ads. Knowing how to optimize social media Ads is a must if you want to have a high Returns on Investment (ROI) on your Ads investment.

How to Make Money with a Low Traffic Blog

Do not believe the lie that the only way to make good money from blogging is having a huge traffic. Implement the strategies I have explained in this article and come back here to thank me.

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