How to pick a profitable niche for your blog

Niche is basically the topic or area of knowledge you want to write about on your blog. Some people write about personal finance, credit card, household insurance, hip pop music and pets etc.

Choosing the right niche can be the most difficult part of blogging. A lot of new bloggers just choose any niche without considering the key niche choosing factor.

The problems bloggers face when choosing a niche

Problem 1

A blogger picks a niche that is not profitable. The blogger writes tons of articles, yet no revenue flows in. This is a problem that is very common.

You may like writing about the niche you have chosen. You may be very skilled in your chosen niche but if it is not a profitable niche, you are just wasting your time.

Your failure after a few years may cause other problems for you. Your orientation about blogging may be changed. You may start thinking that blogging is not really profitable. The loss of money can also lead to a train in your family relationships.

Come to think of it, why will a blogger targeting Nigerians write about polar bear hunting. This niche will likely lead a blogger to fail in his pursuit of making money from blogging.

If you are the type who is not blogging for money, you can write on any niche, though you may still find it difficult to attract readers or visitors to your blog.

How to pick a profitable niche for your blog

Problem 2

A blogger chooses a profitable niche but after some few months or years, he notices that he has not interest in the niche.

This is type of problem is very common. I came across a blogger recently who chose making money online as his blog niche. The niche is quite huge, in spite of this, after few months, he could not write any post or article related to his niche.

The blogger has no interest in the niche anymore. The painful part is that he has spent a lot of money to set up and manage his blog.

This problem can be solved if you can outsource the article writing part of your blog. This may be difficult for new bloggers or those who are financially challenged.

There are bloggers who run successful blogs around the niche they are not interested in at all. They outsource a large chunk of the blog’s work.

How to choose that profitable blog

You should consider the below factors before choosing a niche:

Your passion

Passion plays a huge role in the success of most if not all businesses. You should choose a niche you have passion for. Do not be a ‘COPYCAT’. Because a blogger is making good money from a niche is not enough for you to go copy him.

As a matter of fact, it is better if your blog is unique. One of the reasons most blogs fail is that the owners copy other bloggers when they know they have no passion in the niche of other successful bloggers.

Profitability of your niche

Passion is not enough if you want to be successful in blogging. You need to choose a profitable niche. What are the things you should consider to know that a niche is profitable?

Are there affiliate programs or CPA in the niche?

Are there people interested in the niche?

Do you have the resources to tackle competitive factors in the niche?

Is the niche too competitive?

Are there money keywords that are not too competitive in the niche?

Your skills and strengths

If you are a new blogger or one with lean financial resources, it is better you choose a niche you are skilled in. Your strengths in a particular niche will make you write a lot of articles and research about the niche effortlessly. This can make you earn good money.

Ask yourself this, can you easily write hundreds of well researched and lengthy articles about your niche within a few months?

Those who are buoyant can easily outsource the work of their blogs to freelancers who have strengths in the chosen niche.

Too small niche

There is a term come ‘niche down’ in blogging. Niche down means if your niche is too huge, its better you choose a smaller niche in the big niche. For example, instead of choosing the building website niche, you can niche down and choose building websites for financial institutions. You can also niche down again and choose building websites for community banks.

However, if your niche is too small, you may find it difficult to make money.

Tools that can help you in choosing a profitable niche

Google keyword planner

This is a tool used of those who want to run Google Adwords. It is used to know the monthly volume of keywords. It can be very useful in choosing a profitable niche.

Keyword Revealer

Keyword revealer shows the monthly volume of keywords and how competitive they are. It is one of the best keywords’ research tools around. Those wanting to choose a profitable niche can use it.


Semrush is another keyword research tool. You can use it to spy on your competitors. It can also be used to identify profitable niches.

This tool is used to know the monthly volume of keywords. It can also be used to identify money niches.


Just like keyword revealer, this tool can be used to choose a profitable niche.

Google Trend

This is a tool from Google. It shows keywords trend over a period of time.

Do you need niche ideas? Just look around you and see what you are skilled in doing. Best selling stuffs on Amazon, ebay, Jumia and konga etc may help you in choosing a profitable niche.

Articles on magazines and top selling newspapers can also give you an idea on what niches you can pick.

Choosing the right niche will make or mar your blogging business.

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