14 surefire things that can improve your keywords’ ranking

To get traffic for your website or blog, you must make your keyword or keywords rank well on Google and other search engines’ SERP.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies are what can make your keywords rank well. Before you start a blog, you must know how to use SEO tactics to rank your keywords.

Things you should do to improve your keywords/blog/website ranking

Keyword research

Keywords are the words or phrases you type on search engines like Google when you are searching for information.

Some keywords are highly competitive and you are advised not to target these keywords when you are a starter in blogging. Long tail keywords are generally less competitive than other types of keywords. Long tail keywords are phrases you type on search engines.

Keywords with competitive score of less than 30 are easier to rank than those with competitiveness score of more than 30. You also need to look at the domain authority of websites occupying the first 10 spots in Google’s first page before you decide to rank a keyword.

Tools like keywordrevealer, semrush and longtailpro can help you in the area of keyword research.

Looking at the monthly search volume of keywords is also very important in keyword research. Ask yourself, why will you try to rank a keyword with no or low monthly search volume?

Getting your keyword research right can help to increase your website or blog’s traffic significantly. Do not worry if you have low traffic, you can still make good money from your blog or website with a low traffic.


Write well researched and lengthy content

Content is king when it comes to blogging. This is what you hear when you want to start a blog. To rank keywords, you must write well researched articles.

Your articles must be original and well researched. Never engage in plagiarism as Google will punish your website or blog for this. Your website or blog can even be de-indexed.

Your articles or posts should be more than 500 words. Writing more than 2,000 words articles is not a bad idea. Most articles that rank on the first page of Google are more than 1,500 words.

A study by Backlinko showed that long in-depth contents rank higher on search engines than their shorter versions.

If you cannot write good articles, you can ask us to write for you.


Re-write and update old articles

Google likes fresh contents. Updating your old blog posts may make Google to increase the ranking of your website on their SERP.

If you have very old articles on your blog and you know the data and the information on the article are not correct anymore. It will be good you update the article with current information and data.Get a Free 5-day Course on SEO and How to Make Money

Images and videos

Search engines especially Google rewards images in articles with high prominence. You need to place pictures and infographics on your blog posts or articles. Videos are also good for increasing the ranking of your keywords.

It is very important that you use images and videos with no copyright protection. Do not take videos and images from other websites without giving credit to the owners. Google will penalize you for this action.

Use keywords in the right places

Where you place your keywords in your articles or posts matters a lot in search engine optimization. Your H1 and H2 tags must have your exact keyword. It is also good if you can put your keywords in your H3 tag.

The first 100 words and the last 100 words of your article should have your keyword. Better, if your keyword appears in the beginning of the heading of your article or post.

Do not make your keyword appear unnatural because you want to put your keyword in the right places.

Keyword density

Keyword density is still a subject of ongoing research. Some experts will say that your keyword density should not be more than 3%, some will say 2%. I do not let my keyword density exceed 1.5%. I generally stay within the 1% limit and I have been successful in ranking of a lot of keywords for my clients.

Never stuff your articles with keywords, Google will know and penalize your website or blog. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, it does not work anymore.

Internal Linking

Few months ago, I improved the internal linking style of the blog posts of one of my clients and all the posts increased in Google’s SERP. A particular article shot up to page 1 on Google from page 3.

To increase your keywords’ ranking, you should endeavor to link your articles to similar articles on your website or blog. It can be very helpful.

Age of domain

I do not generally rely on this. If you have a brand new domain or website, your keywords can begin to rank after few weeks.

Some people buy aged domain, the problem with aged domain is that a lot of them have been spammed. IF you go buy a spammed domain, your SEO efforts will not yield any result. It is always safe to buy a brand new domain.



Google has explained that converting your website to SSL/HTTPS may help in increasing its prominence on SERP. Google likes secured website so you should rock SLL/HTTPS.

Link out to authoritative sites

Authoritative websites are sites with high domain authority. Google trusts these sites, so it is not a bad idea to link out to them.

The above explanations on keyword ranking are under on-page SEO, I will discuss off-page SEO below:

Guest Posting

What is guest posting you may ask? Guest posting is when you write articles and post them on other websites. You will need to find websites or blogs you wish to write for. Contact the website’s administrator or editor and see if he will accept your guest post.

Guest posting on websites with a high domain authority is better.

Guest posting on authoritative websites can bring very valuable backlinks to your website or blog. This can make your keywords rank well on SERP.

Forum Posting

Just like guest post, forum posting is when you start a thread or reply comments on forums. This can be helpful when you are trying to rank a keyword. You must not try to spam low quality forums, Google will punish your website for this act.

Social Media/Social signals

Social signal is one of the factors Google uses in ranking of keywords and websites. You should encourage people to share your blog posts or articles on social media forums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Get backlinks

Backlinks are the most important keyword ranking factor for Google. Get backlinks as much as you can get. Never go and buy cheap and spam backlinks. As a matter of fact, do not buy backlinks as it is against Google’s terms and conditions.

Guest posting and social shares will make people link back to your posts or articles.

Implement the above tactics and see how your keywords will shoot up in search results.

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