Earn $1,000

Make your first $1000

You can earn your first $1,000 from starting a blog and offering a service on the blog. You can do this with your day job. If you are unemployed, you can also start a blog now and start making money.

You can market your skills on the blog and make money. Are you a writer, website designer, programmer, tailor, plumber or carpenter? You can turn your situation around by using your blog to increase your leads and income.

Now, let’s see the options that can make you earn your first $1,000 within 3-6 months.

Option A

Start a Blog

This is the first option. You will need to create a blog and manage it in order to earn your first $1,000. You can earn your first $1,000 in blogging with a few weeks and it can also take longer. However, the target of this challenge is for you to earn $1,000 from your blog within 3-6 months. You can earn much more if you can put in the hard work, skills and time.

How can you make your first $1,000 from blogging?

Pick a niche

Your blog niche can make or mar your ability to earn your first $1,000. There are a lot of profitable niches. You need to research and pick one of them.

If the niche you pick is not lucrative, no matter your interest or skill in the niche, you may not make good money. It is better to choose a niche that is profitable.Get the Secrets of How to Earn Money from Side Hustles

Buy and host your domain

What I have observed is that a lot of new bloggers try to be penny wise and pound foolish. They go about searching for free or cheap web hosting companies.

I strongly advise against hosting your domain or blog with a free hosting service. Their servers are mostly overloaded with poor security features. Customer support and server downtime are also some challenges you will face. I have not seen any successful blog that hosted their domain with a Nigerian web hosting company.


The speed of your website or blog is very important. From experience, mere changing my web host to a very fast web host made almost all my money keywords improve in Google ranking. When your keywords rank well in Google SERP, you are most likely to make more money from your blog.

Buy and host your domain here.

Create content

You must write original and well researched articles for your blog frequently. To write any article, you must do keywords’ research, search for keywords with good volume and low competitiveness ranking.

Observe good SEO practices when writing your articles or blog posts. Use images and videos free of copyright protection.

Infographics and videos are very good to engage your audience.

Copying articles from other websites or blogs will make search engines like Google remove your blog from its index. Good bye to your first $1,000.

Get traffic

No matter how beautiful your blog is, if you do not get traffic to it, you will not make money. Please note that you do not need too huge traffic before you can make money from your blog. You can make thousands of US dollars on your blog monthly with a low traffic.

You can get traffic to your blog through the following:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertisement

Monetise your blog

How really will I make my first $1,000 after starting my blog and creating good content?

You can make money from your blog by using the below tactics:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing a product or service on your blog
  • Marketing your skills
  • Advertisements like Google Adsense or brands paying to advertise on your blog – You need good traffic

Option B

Freelance writing or marketing your skills

You can make your first $1,000 from freelance writing faster than blogging if you know what you are doing.

Freelance writing is the act of writing articles, eBooks, landing page content, website content and other forms of writing for individuals, brands and companies from the comfort of your home.

You do not need to work for anybody. You just get an internet ready computer, look for freelance writing jobs and start earning money. You can work for anybody around the world.

I write articles for people and companies based in the US, UK, South Korea, Nigeria and other countries of the world.

My clients do not know me personally, all I do is just to write for them and make them happy.

How to earn your first $1,000 from freelance writing

Horn your writing skills

You do not need a degree in English, linguistics or communications before you can be a good freelance writer. As a matter of fact, most of the high income earners in freelance writing I have seen do not have university degrees.

You need to know how to write good and well researched articles with short sentences and paragraphs. An average high school graduate can be a good freelance writer.

Start a blog

Having a blog is very important if you want to earn your first $1,000 from freelance writing. A blog will be your marketing tool. Your blog will enable your would be clients to see how you write. They will be able to see the articles you have written.

A blog can increase leads to your business by over 500%. If you have any skills you want to market, having a blog will give you more mileage.

Guest post on authority blogs or websites

Writing for authority websites in your niche can also be a good way to market your skills in freelance writing.

Just send emails to the editors or owners of the blogs or websites and ask them you want to guest write for them. If you have an interesting topic, they will take you on.

Writing for websites like Forbes, Huffington Posts and New York Times etc will go a long way in making would be clients trust your ability and expertise in freelance writing.

Do not worry if you have not gotten any article on any authority website, your blog can still make you get high paying clients.

Search for freelance writing jobs

You can get freelance writing jobs on freelancing websites like Fiverr and freelancer. However, the earnings from these websites are too low. For a starter, the earnings may not be too bad.

Cold email strategy is the best way to get high paying freelance writing jobs if you do it well.

You can get leads from Linkedin and Google. On Google, you can search for any keyword+write for us (e.g business+write for us).

You need to get at least 100-200 websites and send your freelance writing pitch to them.

Try not to send your pitch to general or enquiries email address. It is always better you send your pitch to email addresses like this firstname.lastname@company.com.

You can get list of email addresses of most companies from sites like www.ihunter.io

If you need more guide, please do not hesitate to contact me through enquiries@prudentialtnc.com

Get payment

Paypal does not allow inwards payment in most developing countries like Nigeria. If you cannot use Paypal, you can open a Payoneer account here.

You can also use bitcoin to accept payment. Some freelancing websites can be used to raise invoice for your clients and to accept payments.

It should be noted that you can market any skills on your blog, not only freelance writing. I have seen website designers who made thousands of dollars by marketing their web design skills on their blogs.

There are computer programmers, tailors and even plumbers who made good money by using their blogs for marketing. You just need to have a skill or run a business. Creating a blog can make you earn more from your skill or business.

Option A+B

Yes, you can combine blogging with freelance writing. This can make you earn your first $1,000 quicker.

Please note that this is not a get rich quick scheme, you need to put in the work, skills and energy. After doing this, yes, you can earn a lot of money.

You can start your journey of making your first $1,000 here now.

Are you still confused on how to make your first $1,000, why not shoot me an email on enquiries@prudentialtnc.com

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