12 must have tools for freelance writers

Freelance writers need some tools for their work to be seamless and profitable. A lot of freelance writers are not efficient when they do their writing work; this is partly due to their non-awareness of tools that can make them achieve their objectives efficiently.

Freelance writing is cool. It can also be very lucrative. Imagine yourself making money from the comfort of your home. You do not need to have an office or wake up in the morning to go to a workplace where orders will be dished out to you.

Now, let me list and explain the tools that can help you as a freelance writer.

Tools freelance writers must have

Writing Tools

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is a word processing software used for preparing word documents. In a simple term, Microsoft word is used for typing words and other characters in order to develop a document.

A significant percentage of freelance writers use this software to type and prepare their writings. When a writer gets a job, he or she simply go to Microsoft word tab on his or her computer and starts preparing his work with the aid of the software.

must have tools for freelance writers


A freelance writer who needs to analyse data and create charts or graphs will find Microsoft excel very useful. Microsoft excel is a tool that can be used for data analysis and presentation.

For simple data analysis, Microsoft excel is the best tool to use.

must have tools for freelance writers


Copyscape is a software used to check the originality of an article. Plagiarism is a no no for any freelance writer. In order to guard against this, Copyscape can be used to check if your article has the same wordings like another article.


Just like Copyscape, Grammarly helps in checking if an article is original. It also suggests how you can improve the grammar and structure of your article. Grammarly can make a freelance writer a better writer if he takes to the suggestions of this wonderful software.

must have tools for freelance writers

Leads Generation Tools


Google is the biggest search engine in the world. A freelance writer can use Google for research. It can also be used to get leads for your freelance writing work especially if you are using cold emailing as your leads generation strategy.

There are a lot of freelance writers who get all their leads through Google. They just search for businesses and brands on Google and ask if they need any freelance writing work.


Linkedin is an online social network for professionals. According to Wikipedia, Linkedin has over 500 million members in 200 countries.

You can see the profile of professionals and the companies they work for on Linkedin so far you are an active member.

Freelance writers can use this tool to source for leads. As a matter of fact, leads from Linkedin are better targeted than those from Google.


There are good business directories on Google where freelance writers can source for leads. Yelp is a typical example of a directory freelance writers can use to generate leads.


Fiverr is a freelance website where freelancers upload a profile in order for them to get people to engage them. Fiverr is very popular among freelance writers, though it can be a little bit tough for new entrants to earn good money on Fiverr.


Freelancer is also a freelancing website that freelancers can use to bid for jobs. Just like Fiverr, it can be very competitive so new entrants must strive hard to get jobs.

Tools to receive freelance Income


Payoneer is a service that allows people to have bank accounts in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Most freelancers from developing countries use Payoneer to receive income from their freelance gigs. For countries where Paypal is not operational, Payoneer has been the saviour.

must have tools for freelance writers


Paypal is payment processing company. It is one of the most popular payment processors in the world. If you want to be a freelance writer, you can consider using Paypal to clear your income.


Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies. As a freelance writer, you can use bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to receive income from those who engage you.

You will need to get a wallet before you can use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to receive payments.

Are you a freelance writer? If yes, why not share the tools you use for your writing gigs with us in the comments section.

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