Payoneer – Can I make $100,000 through a US Bank Account?

Payoneer is a US based financial services firm. Payoneer’s head office is located in New York. Payoneer has opened over 5 million bank accounts for both its United States of America and international customers. Its customer base spreads across over 200 countries.

Payoneer’s mandate is to help its customers to process online payment transfers within the US and other countries. Payoneer is very popular among those who carry out internet or online business with cross border dimension.

Unlike Paypal that restricts their operation to some countries. Payoneer helps a lot of people across the globe to accept payments and transfer the payments to their bank account or a payment card.

Take Nigeria for example, most Nigerians that transacts international business on the web use Payoneer to receive payments. They cash out their payments from Payoneer using Payoneer debit card or they transfer their funds in their Payoneer bank account to a local bank in Nigeria.

Without Payoneer, a lot of internet businessmen would have not been able to receive payments from their international customers.

It is not uncommon to see Ghanians, Tanzanians and Nigerians participating in Amazon, Clickbank or other international affiliate schemes using Payoneer to accept payments from the sales they make from international buyers. A lot of people who freelance on popular sites like Fiverr use Payoneer to accept payments for their services. Yes, Payoneer has their saviour when it comes to accepting international payments for a lot of people.

It should be noted that Payoneer does not process credit card or debit card payment, all it does is to receive payments on behalf of its customers and enable the customers to cash out the payments received in their country.

Big companies like Amazon and Google use Payoneer to receive payments too. Payoneer is one of the best payments receiving tools for freelancers and other people that deal with international customers.

The headache of not knowing how to receive payments from your international customers have been solved by Payoneer. You do not need to start thinking how you will receive money from that your customer in the United Kingdom, with Payoneer, you can get a UK bank account that will serve as a money receiving tool for your business.


How to open Payoneer Bank Account

To open a Payoneer bank account is very easy. You need to follow the below steps:

Log on to

Sign up as a new customer

Fill in your details on the sign up form; details include your first name, last name, email address, home address and date of birth.

Once accepted, you will be asked to scan and send a copy of your proof of identity (proof of identity can be international passport, driver’s license and any other government issued ID)

You may need to wait for 1-2 days for Payoneer to approve the bank account

Once Payoneer approves, you can use a US/UK/Chinese/Japanese bank account number given to you by Payoneer to receive international payments

Now you have a Payoneer bank account, you can start receiving payments from your internet business (freelancing, Amazon affiliates and Clickbank etc.

What I can use Payoneer Account for

You can use your Payoneer account to receive international payments from your international customers. Read below for what you can use payoneer for.


Fiverr is the biggest online marketplace for those engaged in freelance activities. This portal is mainly used by freelancers across the globe. Fiverr has about 3 million freelancers who sell services on its portal.

The least amount a freelancer can charge for any gig on fiverr is $5. A lot of people with skills ranging from writing, designs, website building, animation, infographic design, programming and voice over etc sell their services on Fiverr. Fiverr has provided a source of employment for a lot of people who were previously hopeless because of the unemployment situation of their countries.

Fiverr processes the payments you earned on their portal through Payoneer. Without Payoneer, it will be extremely difficult for some people to sell their services on Payoneer.

All you need to do is to add your Payoneer account number to your profile on fiverr if you want to start freelancing.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate is one of the largest affiliate programs in the world. This scheme allows you to refer buyers to Amazon for a commission. You need a website with Amazon links to participate in this program.

Amazon pays you the commission you earn through your Payoneer account. You just need to put your Payoneer bank account number on Amazon’s portal when you apply to be their affiliate. Once you get your payment, you can withdraw your funds from Payoneer using Payoneer MasterCard or you transfer to your bank account in your country of residence.


Like Amazon affiliate, Clickbank is an affiliate scheme, it pays you commission for referring buyers to them. Once a buyer pays for any product on Clickbank through your links, you get a commission. Affiliate commission on Clickbank can be as high as 75% of sales price.

Again, you can use Payoneer to receive commissions from Clickbank.

There are a lot of internet businesses you can do and make use of your Payoneer bank account to receive payments.

Success Stories of Payoneer Account Holders

Deji is a young Nigerian who worked in one of the biggest banks in the United Kingdom as a Java Developer. After several years in the United Kingdom, he relocated to Nigeria to be close to his relatives and enjoy lower cost of living and better tax advantages.

Deji joined Fiverr as a freelancer, within few weeks; he started getting gigs for java programming work. Within 12 months, he had made over $100,000. He received all his payments through Payoneer. Without Payoneer, it would have been challenging for him to receive payments.

Skeuw graduated from a university in Thailand; she searched for jobs for 3 years without getting a good job. She decided to join Fiverr as a freelance writer. She wrote several articles, notes, press releases and product reviews. Today, she earns about $1,600 per month; all her payments are processed through Payoneer.

Open and a payoneer account today and start making money.

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