SEO: How a business went from near zero sales to ($70,000) per month

A small business operating in Florida went from near zero sales to a monthly sales of about $70,000 through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and blogging techniques.

For risk of competitors targeting the money keywords of this business, I have decided to hide the identity of the company.

The company operates in the building sector. The company sells a lot of building products.

This company started business 24 months ago but the managers of the firm found it really difficult to get leads and attract customers to their products. All efforts and strategies deployed were not yielding the expected result, until they tried blogging and search engine optimization. Today, this company makes $70,000 every month, thanks to SEO.

Tactics used by the company to significantly increase its sales


The company did not have a website in the first few months of its operations. This made the visibility of the company very low on the web.

The company contacted me and I designed a simple wordpress website for the business.

Psychological colours were used in order to keep people glued to the website.

The website pages have clear call to actions. This made visitors to the website to contact the company easily in case they want to buy any of their products.



A page or section of the website was devoted for posting of informative and buy intent articles about the company, its products and the building sector of the economy.

Well researched articles were posted on the blog section every week; the schedule of posting was strictly followed. SEO techniques were used to make the keywords in the articles or blog posts rank well on Google.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO was used to increase the prominence of the company’s website and the blog articles on the web. People who are searching for building products on Google see the website of the company appearing as the No 1-2 on Google’s first page. This brought a lot of leads and sales to the company.

SEO can be divided into two viz on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

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Email Marketing

The company ensured that a significant percentage of visitors on its website shared their email addresses with it in exchange for newsletters, blog articles and other useful information on building. Visitors were happy to give their email address to the company in exchange for good information. This company later advertised to the people who had earlier dropped their email addresses through email marketing.

GetResponse was used as the email marketing software provider.

The company used pop-up forms, exit intent forms and within blog posts sign up forms to get the email addresses of visitors to its website.

Social Media

All the blog articles and other information about the company’s products are shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The blog posts the company shared on the social media made the business have a lot of followers. People started to engage with the brand on social media.

A significant percentage of the company’s sales come from people who know about their products on the social media.

This is how this company beefed up his monthly sales to $70,000 from a near zero figure through blogging and SEO.

This company is still implementing good SEO tactics and it is on the way to increase its current monthly turnover even further.

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