6 surefire ways to boost your freelance writing income

Freelancing has enabled a lot of people to earn income without the hassles of working under a regimented environment. Imagine you sit in your house, bid for jobs on the web, accept the jobs you like, choose your working hours and make money.

It is not too late to join the party, freelancing is still alive and it is growing significantly every year. There are predictions that more people and businesses will resort to freelancing in the near term.

Recently, a young man told me that the stories of people making thousands of dollars from freelancing are lies. He was convinced that you cannot make good money from freelancing. Will you blame the young man? No, he has approached freelancing wrongly. Within 3 months of implementing the strategies I taught him, his freelance income increased by over 500%.

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Strategies that can increase your income as a freelance writer


Writing articles full of grammatical blunders, wrong punctuations, poor paragraphing and other errors will damage your reputation as a freelance writer.

To avoid these embarrassments, you need to horn your skills in writing. Read books about writing, watch videos and you can understudy a proficient freelance writer.

You do not need to have degrees in English, literature or creative writing before you can be a good freelance writer. As a matter of fact, most of the successful freelance writers I know do not have any degree in English or allied courses.

In 2017, I met a graduate who had a very poor writing skill. I was shocked a university graduate could write the way he did. This young man was however determined to learn. He started reading about writing and understudied some successful writers.

One year later, I read his article and I was dumbfounded. His writing has improved. Good to tell you that he is earning about $3,000 monthly now and he is poised to triple that within the next 12 months.

Create a website or blog

To boost your income as a freelance writer, you need to create a website or blog and write about the topic you like frequently.

A blog can be a great marketing tool for you. When you contact a business to write for them, the business may ask for your past work. Your blog can be conveniently used to showcase your work and skills.

Your website or blog should have the following sections:

  • Home page
  • About me
  • Hire me
  • Blog section
  • Contact etc.

You can use wordpress to design your blog. If you are not skilled in the use of wordpress, you can hire a website designer to build your blog for you.

Under the about me section, you need to write about yourself. Showcase your qualifications and hobbies.

In the hire me section, you need to write extensively on what you can do. If you are a freelance writer, you can write that you provide services like ghostwriting, writing of blog articles, guest posting for blog owners, dissertation writing, technical writing, landing page content development, writing of newsletters and eBooks etc.

You must clearly state the niche you are proficient in. If you are skilled in writing about finance and economics, please state it in your website.

The contact me section should have your contact details. Details like your email address, office address and phone number should be in this section.

Never use free email addresses like yahoo or Gmail. Professional email like yourname@yourdomain.com is the best. Serious clients will rather deal with freelance writers with professional email addresses than those using free email addresses.

Create social media accounts

Having social media accounts can also boost your freelance writing income. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most effective social media tools when it comes to freelance writing.

If you are writing about women’s interests like fashion or cooking, you may consider opening an account with Pinterest.

Share your blog articles on social media. You can also share other notable freelance writers’ posts on your social media feeds.

Get a social media management tool like Hootsuite to schedule posts on all your social media accounts. Hootsuite will allow you to schedule 6 months or more posts in advance.

Guest Posting

Writing on authoritative websites can make your name known by your potential clients. To guest post, you need to contact the owners of authoritative websites and ask them if you can write for them.

Some guest posts are paid for while some are free. The most effective way of contacting authoritative websites managers or owners is to send emails to the email address of the managers.

Sending emails to enquiries or info email addresses are not too effective. These email addresses are not monitored like personal email addresses.

Imagine if your article appears on Forbes or Huffington Post. Your name and website or blog will get good online visibility. This is akin to street credibility in the writing world.

Guest posting can be a fantastic marketing tool.


I have never joined freelance writing sites like Fiverr, Upwork or freelancer, though I know people who make good money from them.

I usually do cold pitch to my potential clients. This can be very effective but may also be very slow. You need to send out several hundreds of cold emails to people and businesses.

When I started my freelance writing business, I once sent over 400 cold emails before getting a client. The client paid me good money.

As I explained earlier, your blog and guest posts can be very good marketing tools.

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Rate pricing

Never under price yourself. It is common to see new entrants into the freelance writing world charging ridiculous fees. They think that they would be able to get more clients by charging low.

This can negatively impact your business. Some clients will never hire you if you charge too low; they will think that your work will be substandard.

Why do you think most businesses avoid getting writers from Fiverr, they think writers there are of low quality. The articles you get for $5 on Fiverr can be bought for $200 by some clients.

Freelance writing can be a very enjoyable endeavor, implement the strategies I have highlighted and make more money as a freelance writer.

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