7 things to do to stay focused as an entrepreneur when things are not going your way

Do not let anybody deceive you, entrepreneurship can be tough but the pains are always for a short time if you can endure them.

Being self employed can be the best thing that can happen to anybody. If the business you do has a room for expansion, your potential to earn good income has no limits.

A lot of new entrepreneurs fall on the side because they cannot persevere.  Focus, hard work, perseverance and smart work are the secrets of this game.

How you can survive as an entrepreneur when things are not going as planned

When things are not going as planned, you can use the below strategies to keep you on the track:

Make new friends who are entrepreneurs like you

If a lot of the members of your social circle are in paid employment, you may be faced with undue pressure to jettison your entrepreneurship journey. To avoid this, you need to make new friends who are business minded people like you.

Fellow entrepreneurs will appreciate your struggles and offer useful advice to you.

Do not stop to work harder and smarter

The mistake new entrepreneurs make is to think that being self employed can make them escape the hustles of paid employment.

You are likely to work insane hours as a new entrepreneur. When I started my business, I hardly slept for three hours in a day.

Being hardworking is not enough; you need to be smart with how you work. Concentrate your energy on the 20% of work that will give you 80% of the result. This is called the 80/20 rule.

Continue to acquire new skills that can help your business

To survive in this digital age, you must be a polymath. Being an expert in one profession can be very risky. For instance, It is better to have skills in accounting, computer programming and digital marketing.

As an entrepreneur, you should continue to acquire new skills. You do not need to go to a traditional school to acquire skills. There are good training sessions you can join on the web to learn new things. There are also thousands of resources you can read on the web.Get the Secrets of How to Earn Money from Side Hustles

Cut your coat according to your size

You should realize that you are not in paid employment again where your monthly salary is almost guaranteed. In your early days as an entrepreneur, you need to be prudent in your spending. Do not go around town buying every gadget you do not need. Try as much as possible to buy only what you need. It is not bad if you haggle over prices of goods and services.

Focus your gaze on the prize

An eagle focuses its sight on its prey from a great height and it maintains the gaze until it kills the prey. Why not learn one or two things from an eagle. Never lose focus, continue to encourage yourself that the prize is worth the pains and troubles after all.

Engage in physical and thoughts provoking exercises

Exercises will not only improve your health, it also makes you to be resilient. Good physical exercises like brisk walking, swimming and playing outdoor games will make you focus more on your goals. You are also not likely to be depressed if you continue to do the exercises you love.

Yoga can be a fantastic exercise that can renew your mind and inspire you to pursue your objectives in life.

Get a partner like you

If your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband share the same mindset like you, you are likely to be successful as an entrepreneur. Having a partner that does not agree with what you do as an entrepreneur can spell doom to your chances of becoming self employed.

How did you survive the tough days when you started your entrepreneurship journey? Let us discuss more in the comments section.

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