Top 3 Components of Fuel System Cleaners

Do we really know the chemicals used for the production of fuel system cleaners? Most of us will say no. Fuel Injector cleaners are mostly manufactured with chemicals which serve as detergents to break up deposits and carbon in the fuel system.

These chemicals ensure that the impurities, gum and other deposits in the injector are broken down and removed from your car during the combustion process.

Most fuel injector cleansers in the market are produced with the same type of chemicals, though the composition of the chemicals may be different.

Diesel fuel injector cleaner may have some chemicals that gasoline fuel injector cleaners may not have.

Composition of Fuel Injector Cleaners

Most fuel injector cleaners are made from three main chemicals. These chemical ingredients are what make injector cleaner additives very effective in the job they do. For any product to qualify as the best fuel injection cleaner for automobiles, any or all of these chemicals must form part of the ingredient.

The main chemical ingredients are:

  • Polyisobutylene: This compound is also called PIB. Most diesel fuel injector cleaners and gasoline injector cleaners have this compound as one of the main ingredients. This compound serves as a detergent that is effective for the removal of gum, carbon and other deposits from the fuel system. Experts have noted that this chemical can reduce incidences of engine misfiring and other engine problems in cars and motorcycles.
  • Polyether Amine: This compound is also called PEA. This compound is known to break down the hardest deposits in the fuel injector system. Some of the deposits in the fuel system may be solidified and very difficult to break down and remove from the system. Polyether Amine can break down these solids effectively and get them out through the exhaust system. With Polyether Amine, you can be sure that there will be no residue left in the fuel injector system. Most fuel injector cleaning additives have this compound as one of their core ingredients.
  • Polyisobutylene Amine: This compound is also called PIBA. It shares several similarities with PIB. PIBA has a better effectiveness in the removal of moisture in the fuel system than PIB. This compound cannot effectively remove deposits; hence it is mostly used for fuel injector maintenance purpose. PIBA cannot remove solidified deposits and gunk. Some fuel injector cleaners may not have PIBA as one of their active ingredients.

How does Fuel Injector Cleaner work?

Fuel injector cleaners work by breaking down the carbon, gum and other deposits in the fuel system. The chemicals in the injector cleaner additives work as a detergent that can wash off substances like carbon, gum and oil etc.

After these deposits have been broken down, they will be passed out of the fuel system during the combustion process.

With carbon, gum and other deposits off your fuel injector, you may notice the following:

  • Better running of the engine
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Lower emission
  • Increased engine power

Most of the fuel injector cleaners in the market have their active ingredients on their label. You may also refer to this article anytime you need to know the stuffs used for most injector cleansers.

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