How to Use Fuel Injector Cleaners in Motorcycles

Fuel injection systems are in some motorcycles like they are in some cars. To clear the deposit from your motorcycles injector system, you may need to use the best fuel injector cleaner for motorcycles. Always endeavour to buy the best motorcycle fuel injector cleaner if you really want your machine to perform at its best.

Motorcycles are also called bikes in some climes. Motorcycles are very similar to motor vehicles except that they have only two or three wheels. The two wheel motorcycles or motorbikes are very common.

Motorcycles can be used for different purposes. You can use a motorcycle for commuting, long distance travelling, cruising and racing etc.

Motorcycles usually have either a 2-stroke or 4-stroke internal combustion engine. Some motorbikes come with electric motors.

Like motor vehicles, some bikes come with fuel injection system. This fuel injection system may also be blocked by carbon, gum, varnishes and other deposits which need to be removed by a best fuel injection cleaning additive.

Components of motorcycles that need fuel injection cleaners

Fuel Systems in Motorcycles

Some motorcycle fuel system comes with a carburetor style injection system. However, newer models of motorbikes now come with fuel injection systems.


Carburetor system is designed in such a way that the ideal amount of gasoline is mixed with the right proportion of air. This proportional mixture of air and fuel makes carburetor engines run well. When either the fuel or air is not mixed in the right proportion, the carburetor engine will not run optimally.

The air gets to the carburetor through the air filter while the fuel is passed to the carburetor system from the fuel tank. When you increase your car’s acceleration, the air flow and fuel are increased.

Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection system is different from carburetor system in a number of ways. Fuel injection systems are controlled by sensors. The fuel supply system is controlled by the ECU. Sensors work in such a way that they dictate the right amount of fuel to be injected into the engine and combustion chamber.

The air intake is also controlled by a sensor; this sensor determines the right volume of air to be used by the fuel injection system.

When you increase your motorbike’s acceleration, the ECU and the sensors directs the system to inject more fuel and air to the fuel injector and the engine.

It should be noted that the ECU is the computer that controls the operations of your motorbike. The ECU also controls your bike’s fuel supply and how fuel is mixed with air.

Advantages of Motorcyle Fuel Injection

  • The delivery of fuel is optimal; this makes the combustion process run well
  • Fuel efficiency is maximized​​​​
  • Power output is also increased
  • Your motorbike’s acceleration is increased
  • The air and fuel mixture is more efficient than carburetor engine as the process is controlled by a computer (ECU)

Disadvantages of Motorcycle Fuel Injection

  • A fault in the ECU will result to a problem with the fuel injector system.
  • Maintenance of the fuel injector system may be more expensive and cumbersome than carburetor system.
  • Technicians with expertise in fuel injection system are not as common as those with the knowledge of carburetor system.

How to Use the best motorcycle injector cleaner

Like motor vehicles, fuel injector cleaners are best poured in the fuel tank of motorcycles when the bikes have little fuel in their system. You can buy fuel injector cleaners from Amazon or any auto shop.

After the injector cleaning additive is poured to the near empty tank, you should fill up the tank with fuel and start riding your bike.

With time, the fuel will mix with the fuel system cleaner and you will see that fuel injector cleaning additives work. You will notice the following:

  • Your motorcycle’s engine will run better
  • The fuel economy of your bike may improve
  • The emission of your motorbike may reduce
  • The power of your motorbike’s engine may also improve

Do you own a motorcycle? If yes, it may not be a bad thing to clean your bike’s fuel injector system with a top fuel injection cleaner for motorcycle.

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