8 Ways You can ask for a Pay Rise

We all think that we need to earn more than our current salary. However, this may not be true for a lot of people. Some people are really underestimated and underpaid by their employers while some are even overpaid.

This article is for those who really know that they worth more than what they are currently earning. How can you ask your employer for a pay rise? This can be a very tricky question. There are ways you can skillfully request for an increase in pay without your employer frowning at your prayers

Effective strategies you can deploy while asking for a pay rise

The below are some of the most effective ways to ask for an increase in your pay:

Ask yourself if you really deserve a pay rise

We all tend to overrate ourselves. To request for a pay rise, you really need to ask yourself if you really deserve a pay rise.

The firsts step is to look at your job description and performance target again. Have you exceeded all the targets set for you? Do you carry out your duties perfectly? If you can show your boss that you have consistently exceeded the targets set for you, you really do not need to worry to ask for a pay rise.

Estimate what you really ought to be earning

You need to put your research skills to test here. Investigate the salary paid to people with same set of skills and experience like you who work in other companies. Check job boards and recruitment websites for the salary offered to people with the same qualifications and experience like you.

If you really worth more than what you currently earn, your employer will think twice before declining your request for an increase in salary.

Discuss the issue with your line manager

Set up a meeting with your line manager and gently tell him the reason why you think you deserve a pay rise. You should try to convince your boss with good points. Never ambush your boss when asking for a pay rise as this may backfire.

Do not be rude when asking for a pay rise

Being rude or arrogant while asking for a pay rise will never get you what you want. Be polite and learn how to use the power of decorum to achieve what you really deserve.

Master the art of negotiation

Knowing how to negotiate and achieve a positive result is a skill a lot of people lack. You should learn how to effectively negotiate with your employer while talking about a pay rise. People who are masters of negotiation often get good things before their counterparts in the workplace.

Work harder

Try to work harder and over deliver beyond expectation while asking for an increase in pay. A good employer will notice your efforts and may likely reward you with a promotion and a pay rise.

Do not feel bad if your request is declined

Learn how to manage negative results. If your request is declined, do not go around wearing a moody face. Pretend as if you are not bothered. Continue to work hard and exceed your targets if you can.

Find a new job

If you are really sure that you deserve a better treatment and your employer will not blink, you may need to look for a new job. You need to be sure that your new employer will treat you better than your previous employer.

While looking for a new job, you do not need to make it obvious to your current employer. However, you need to give your current employer notice before you leave their employ. Never leave your current employer on a bad note.

Now, you know how you can ask for a pay rise. Tell us your experiences in the comments section how you asked for a pay rise.

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