Why you should use email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a strategy of sending commercial emails to a group of people with the intent of converting them to your customers or clients.

Email marketing involves the sending of brand awareness emails, sales letters and all manners of advertisements through email. The aim of email marketing is to encourage people to buy from you. You can also increase repeat sales through email marketing.

I am sure that you have heard the saying that, there is money in the list. Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to promote your products and brand.

A significant percentage of people will buy from you if you use email marketing strategy. It can also be used to increase your brand equity.

How to start email marketing

Design a website

Having a website is one of the first steps of using email marketing to promote your products. You need to design a website or blog for your business, then you put some opt-in forms on the website. The opt-in forms will enable you to get the email addresses of subscribers.

To have a website, you need to register and host a domain name, download wordpress and use it to design your website. You can design your website yourself or you employ a website designer.

To encourage people to drop their email addresses in the opt-in form, you can give them a gift like a free eBook or a free email course.

If you sell agro-inputs, you can place opt-in forms on your website and promise to give subscribers free 5 day email course on farming if they can drop their email addresses.

Why you should use email marketing strategy

Be active on social media

You can get people to give you their email addresses on the social media. If you have sign up forms, you can place them on your Facebook pages.

You can also add a sign up link on all your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Register on an email automation software

To do email marketing seamlessly, you need to register on an email automation software. There are a lot of marketing automation applications. Examples of good email automation software are Convertkit, Mailerlite, Get Response and Aweber.

With these software, you can get and archive email addresses and send out emails to those who subscribed to your sign up forms.

Have contents to share periodically

Sharing good contents with your subscribers can go a long way in converting them to your paying customers or clients.

You can share blog articles, videos and other informative contents with your subscribers.

Email marketing can positively impact your business and brand. Why not try it today.

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